Crimes and Punishments

Abortion, prohibition of

Abortion, prohibition when fetal heartbeat detected

Abortion, prohibition when fetal heartbeat detected, exception

Abortion, sex, race, color, national origin, or disability, prohibition of

Abuse of a corpse, penalty for

Administrative parole, creation of

Administrative release, creation of

Aggravated indecent exposure, creating offense of

Alcohol monitoring device, use of

Amusement rides and attractions, rider conduct, rider responsibility

Animal abuse offender registry, establishment of

Assault in the third degree, firefighters, contact with bodily fluids

Assault on a service animal, first degree, inclusion of assistance animals

Assault weapon, under 21, banning sale to or ownership of

Asset seizure, law enforcement agencies, seizure by

Assistance dogs, prohibiting misrepresentation of

Assisted-living communities, certification prohibited

Born alive infants, protection of

Capital offense, executions, mental illness

Child abuse, reporting of

Child dependency, neglect, or abuse, requirement to report

Child pornography, under 12 years old, raise penalty for

Child sex dolls, prohibition of

Contain false statements, terroristic threatening to include

Corporal physical discipline of minor by teacher, use of, prohibiting

Corporal physical discipline on minor, use of prohibited

Create the offense of hate crime

Criminal gangs, relating to

Cruelty to animals in the second degree, prohibition of all animal fighting or poisoning

Cruelty to animals, penalty for, increasing

Cruelty to equines, establish offense of

Cruelty to equines, prohibition of

Damaging or removing highway work zone signs, increased penalties for

Deadly weapons, concealed carry without a license

Deadly weapons, concealed carry without license

Deadly weapons, concealed carry without license, delete provisions

Deadly weapons, use of, by a minor, make ineligible for diversion

Death penalty, replacement of with life imprisonment without parole

Disposal of property obtained through forfeiture, restrictions on use of proceeds

Disseminating personally identifiable information, minors, prohibition of

Dog vendors, prohibited acts

Domestic abuse convictions, firearms surrender, procedures

Domestic violence and abuse, offense of strangulation, creating

Domestic violence, firearms possession, create crime

Domestic violence, torture of a dog or cat, offenses involving family members, early release

Driving under the influence, hardship license

Driving under the influence, ignition interlock licenses

Drones, definition of dangerous contraband, including

Drones, payload of, include in definition of dangerous contraband

Drug paraphernalia, marijuana accessory, posession of

Drug paraphernalia, marijuana accessory, possession of

Expungement, certain Class D and Class C felonies, allow

Expungement, certain Class D felonies, allow

Expungement, certain Class D felonies, allowing

Expungement, certain Class D felonies, exceptions

Expungement, certain offenses, automatic creation

Expungement fee, allow court to set

Expungement of felonies, expansion of

Extreme risk protection order, violation of

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

Felony expungement, reckless homicide

Financial bail, limitation of

Firearms, comprehensive regulation of

Firearms, made with additive manufacturing, possession prohibited

Hate crime, create criminal offense of

Hate crime, creating offense of

Hate crime, criminal homicide and fetal homicide, addition of

Hate crime, enhanced term of imprisonment for

Hate crime offense, creation of

Hazing in the first degree, Class C felony, elements of

Hazing in the second degree, Class D felony, elements of

Hazing in the third degree, Class A misdemeanor, elements of

Heroin trafficking, clarification of penalty

Highway work zones, double fines for traffic offenses in

Highway work zones, prepayable fine for speeding in

Human trafficking, conviction, violent offender status

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

Jails, sentencing credit to any county inmate in a county jail

Kentucky Retirement Systems, violation of fidudiary or ethical duties, Class D felony

Landlord and tenant, assistance animals, prohibition on misrepresentation of

Life skills programs, allow sentence credits for

Manslaughter in the second degree, unlawful distribution of controlled substances, cause of death

Marijuana possession, personal use quantity, civil offense

Marijuana trafficking, personal use quantity exempted

Maximum security penitentiary, transfer to

Monetary bail, restriction of

Needle exchange, one for one exchange, Class A misdemeanor

Parole sanction, supervision continuation in lieu of revocation

Parolees, technical violations and absconding, graduated sanctions for

Probationers, technical violations and absconding, graduated sanctions for

Racial and ethnic community criminal justice and public safety impact statement, requiring

Racial and ethnic community criminal justice and public safety impact statement, urging required use

Report required, charges or convictions relating to gang activity

Residential rental property, criminal mischief, penalty

Responsible use cannabis program, establishment of

Retirement and pensions, violation of fiduciary or ethical duties, Class D felony

Sexual Assault, bringing awareness to

Sexual crimes against an animal, offense of

Sexual crimes against animals, creation of offense of

Sexual crimes against animals, forfeiture of custody, return to owner

Sexual endangerment of a child, crime, creation of

Statute of limitations, childhood sexual abuse, criminal and civil actions

Strangulation; change mental state to intentionally

Strangulation, felony, creating

Strangulation, offense of

Strangulation, offense of, create two degrees

Strangulation, offense of, creating

Strangulation; remove torso from list of body parts to which pressure applied may constitute

Substance use treatment referrals, law enforcement programs for

Tampering with the outcome of a sporting event, penalty for

Telephone solicitations, caller identification, prohibited acts

Terroristic threatening, add places of worship and scheduled public events

Terroristic threatening in public places, adding locations

Terroristic threatening in the second degree, Class C felony enhancement

Torture of a dog or cat, Class D felony

Torture of a dog or cat, prohibit pretrial diversion for

Trespass upon key infrastructure assets

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition of

Violent offenders, classification of

Voter registration roster, misuse of, creation of penalty for

Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment to provide

Voting rights, prohibitions relating to

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