Effective Dates, Emergency

Abortion, prohibition when fetal heartbeat detected

Abortion, sex, race, color, national origin, or disability, prohibition of

Administrative Office of the Courts, rental of local facilities

Alcohol in dry or moist territories, possession or consumption by private individual in

Appropriation to pay claims against the Commonwealth

Arbitration, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution agreement

Arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution agreements

Asbestos actions, requirements for

Background check, child-caring facility and child-placing agency staff, requiring

Born alive infants, protection of

BR 945

Charitable organization, leasehold interest, property tax, exemption of

Child abuse, reporting of

Conversion therapy, prohibition of

County property, disposition of

Department for Local Government, study directed

Economic development projects

Educators Employment Liability Insurance Program, establishment of


Emergency legislation, clarifying meaning of

Firearms, comprehensive regulation of

Firefighter's professional development and wellness program

Home-based food products, requirements for sale of

KCTCS, endowment match fund, creation of

KEES, allowing use for qualified workforce training program

KEES, allowing use for qualified workforce training program, deletion of emergency clause

Kentucky Retirement System, cessation of participation in KERS by quasi-govt. agencies

Kentucky Retirement System, option to cease participation in KERS by postsecondary institutions

Kentucky Retirement Systems, agency cessation of participation

Legislators, election to discontinue or not participate in retirement

Lifeline CMRS service charge, prohibit collection from end user

Motorboats documented with Coast Guard; registration requirements; establishment of

Pension income exclusion, retroactively raise

Property used in the deployment of advanced broadband technologies, property tax, exemption of

Reemployment after retirement, restrictions on city elected officials

Retirement and pension, investment managers and consultants of TRS, requirements for

Retirement and pensions, investment managers and consultants of KRS and TRS, requirements for

Roads, donations to state in aid of construction or maintenance of

Sales and use tax, fundraising and admissions, exemption

Sales and use tax, services, resale certificate

School safety, Kentucky State Police school resource officers

Sexual endangerment of a child, crime, creation of

Sheriffs, impounded vehicles, fees for

State assistance and state management, process for

State board of Elections, change in duties and membership

State Board of Elections, change in duties and membership

State Police, Angel Initiative Programs, personnel matters

State Police, personnel matters

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

Statewide officers filing tax returns

Statute of limitations, childhood sexual abuse, criminal and civil actions

Students and teachers, school safety for, improving

Tax credits, economic development programs, modifying provisions of

Taxation, sales tax, non-profit organizations

Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill, fiduciary requirements

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