Health and Medical Services

Abortion, prohibition of

Abortion, prohibition when fetal heartbeat detected

Abortion, prohibition when fetal heartbeat detected, exception

Abortion, sex, race, color, national origin, or disability, prohibition of

Access to health care providers, requiring insurance coverage for

Advanced practice registered nurses, prescriptive authority of

Alternative treatments, chronic pain

Assisted-living communities, certification

Benefit cards, photo ID required

Bone marrow registry awareness, allowing for

Born alive infants, protection of

Breastfeed and express milk, urge place in Capitol Annex

Child abuse, neglect, and dependency reporting, requiring

Child abuse, neglect, and depenency reporting, requiring

Chronic pain treatments, coverage

Colorectal cancer screening, insurance coverage requirement, amending

Controlled substances, physician assistants, prescriptive authority

Controlled substances, risks, benefits, limitations, practititioner discussion with patient

Coverage for standard fertility preservation services, provision of

Credentialing process, amend

Credentialing verification organizations, define

Dentures, require Medicaid coverage

Diabetes, Department for Medicaid Services, study KEHP model

Diabetes, insurance companies, urging study of KEHP model

Do Not Resuscitate orders, hospital setting, implementing

Donate Life Kentucky Day, recognizing March 5, 2019, as

Electronic prescriptions, controlled substances, require

Electronic system for monitoring controlled substances, new requirements

Emergency health care services, insurance coverage, requiring

Emergency medical services, certification and licensure, update of

Farmer-focused mental health service program; creation of

Feminine hygiene products, free to public postsecondary students

Genetic tests for cancer, insurance coverage, requiring

Health care providers, sexual misconduct, required disclosure of

Hepatitis A inoculations, firefighters, paid and volunteer, Fire Commission, provision of

Homeless youth, behavioral health screening, diagnosis, and treatment, allowing for

Howard, Bridgett Ann, honoring

Infertility treatment, insurance coverage, requirement of

Interstate medical licensure compact, enacting

Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program fund designation, creation of

Kidney dialysis drugs and devices for home treatment, sale and distribution of

Licensure and certificate of need, health facilities, update

Local school districts, human sexuality education

Long-term care, civil actions by resident

Long-term care facilities, inspections, willful interference

Long-term care inspector training, require

Long-term-care facilities, gender-neutral language

Long-term-care staffing ratios, implementation of

Medicaid, copayments, prohibiting

Medicaid, external reviews, multiple claims, administrative hearing, allowing

Medicaid managed care organizations, payment schedules, disclosure and review of

Medicaid service improvements and MCO limitations, establishing

Medical expense, motor vehicle insurance, reparation benefits, billed charges, restriction of

Medical licensure, interstate compact on

Medical marijuana, safety and efficacy standards, advocating for

Medication-assisted treatment, establish licensure

Medicinal marijuana program, establish

Midwifery, certified professional, license and regulations for

Midwifery, licensed certified professional, license and regulations for

Needle exchange, one for one exchange, requirement of

Neonatal abstinence syndrome, reason for termination of parental rights, allowing for

Nonurgent health care services, utilization review decision, timeframes, establishing

Organ donation, organ donor registry, anatomical gift

Out-of-network air ambulance services, coverage for

Palliative care, controlled substance prescribing exemption, establishing

Palliative care, council and program, establishing

Pharmacists, emergency prescription refill, permit to dispense up to standard dispensing unit

Physician self-referral of services payable under Motor Vehicle Reparations Act, prohibition of

Prescription for erectile dysfunction, report

Prescription to induce abortion, report

Prosthetic and orthotic devices, insurance coverage, requiring

Providers, gender-neutral language

Rare Disease Advisory Council, establishing

Rare Disease Advisory Council, establishment of

Reorganization, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, 2018-325 and 2018-780

Reorganization, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Executive Order 2018-325 and 2018-780

Required coverage of services, Medicaid

Self-referral of services payable under Motor Vehicle Reparations Act, prohibition of

Sexually transmitted disease, expedited partner therapy, permitting

Supported decision making, allowing for

Test results, add designee

Tobacco use in schools and on school property, develop policy

Tobacco use in schools and on school property, prohibition

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