Insurance, Health

Abortion, sex, race, color, national origin, or disability, prohibition of

Access to health care providers, requiring insurance coverage for

Air ambulance payment program, requirement for

Binding independent dispute resolution program, nonparticipating provider bills, establishing

Chronic pain treatments, coverage

Colorectal cancer screening, insurance coverage requirement, amending

Cost-sharing amounts, restricting

Coverage for standard fertility preservation services, provision of

Covered services, infertility, prohibiting denial for

Database of billed health care services charges, Insurance Commissioner, establishing

Diabetes, urging study of KEHP model

Drug formulary disclosure, requiring

electronic prior authorization, standards, establishing

Electronic prior authorization, standards, establishing

Emergency health care services, insurance coverage, requiring

Emergency services, medical necessity, presumption of

Employer-organized associations, requirements for

Genetic tests for cancer, insurance coverage, requiring

Health care provider, add pharmacy to definition of

Infertility treatment, insurance coverage, requirement of

Insurers, billed claims, required reporting of

Insurers, written procedures, accessibility requirement for

Kentucky Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, add health maintenance organizations

Kentucky Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, requirements for coverage

Medicaid managed care organizations, payment schedules, disclosure and review of

Medication-assisted treatment, allow coverage of

Network adequacy of health benefit plans, Insurance Commissioner, requiring review of

Network adequacy of health benefit plans, amending requirements for

Nonurgent health care services, utilization review decision, timeframes, establishing

Out-of-network air ambulance services, coverage for

Participating provider directories, amending requirements for

Pharmacy benefit managers, licensing requirements

Pharmacy benefit managers, reimbursement practices, restriction of

Pharmacy benefit managers, restrict practices

Pharmacy services, insurer practices, requirement of

Prescription drug coverage, cost-sharing requirements for

Prior authorization, time frame, requirements of

Prosthetic and orthotic devices, insurance coverage, requiring

Prosthetics and orthotics, health professionals, requiring access to

Reorganization, Kentucky Access, Cabinet for Health and Family Services

SB 54

Self-insured employer-organized associations, regulation of

Unanticipated out-of-network care, balance billing, prohibition against

Unanticipated out-of-network care, minimum reimbursement for

Unanticipated out-of-network care, usual and customary rate, definition of

Urgent health care services, prior authorization, time frame, establishment of

Utilization review, prohibited use of

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