Local Government

Abandoned and blighted properties, court-appointed conservatorship

Agricultural districts, creation of, extend review period for

All-terrain vehicle, local ordinance permitting or prohibiting operation of, allowing

American Correctional Association-accredited jails, priority status to accept state prisoners

Appeals process for drugfree workplaces, public employees, industrial hemp

Area development districts, LRC task force study of

Area development districts, LRC task force study of, member added

Area Development Districts, task force on, scope and membership of

Audits of county officers, findings of improprieties, purchase of insurance requirement

Automatic speed enforcement device, allowing the installation of by local ordinance

Certified law enforcement telecommunicators, training stipend

Cities, audits, frequency and scope

Common interest communities, unit owners associations, rights and obligations

Complete Count Committees, urging creation of

Consolidated emergency services district, participation in

Consolidated local governments, clarify powers of cities within

Consolidated local governments, councils, retention and employment of legal counsel

Consolidated local governments, pool of agreed upon legal counselors

Constables and deputies, clarify powers of and appointment of deputies

Contracts and leases, investors in, disclosure of

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with

Counties, occupational license taxes

Counties, officers, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, nonresident, appointment of

Counties, surplus properties, disposal methods

County consolidation, process for

County Employees Retirement System, phase-in to full ARC

County judge/executive appointments, statutes and ordinances, procedures for appointments permissive

Department for, responsibilities relating to broadband development, removal of

Drones, regulation of, prohibiting

Economic development report, plans regarding expansion and attraction of businesses

Emergency medical services, certification and licensure, update of

Emergency service nonprofits, placement of subscriber fees on tax bills

Financial information, when and by whom to be published

Fire districts, alternative tax structure

Fire districts, board of trustees, alternative constituency

Firearms, comprehensive regulation of

Firefighters, disabled or killed, tuition benefits for spouse or children

Firefighters, paid and volunteer, inoculations against hepatitis A

Golf carts, equipment standards for operation on roadways

Governmental units, regulation of electronic prescribing, standards, requiring

Honor and Remember Flag, emblem of remembrance, designation of


Investments of idle funds

Judge/executive appointments, requirements for

Kentucky Mountain Regional Recreational Authority, membership and contracts

Labor organizations, allow agreement with to require membership as a condition of employment

Law enforcement officers, disabled or killed, tuition benefits for spouse and children

Local ABC investigators, certification as peace officers

Local model procurement code, alternative disposal methods

Local option election, sunset provision for distilleries, removing

Methamphetamine decontamination, authority of local goverment

Methamphetamine decontamination, authority of local government

Minimum wage, authority to establish

Minimum wage, option to establish

Municipal electric authority, creation of

Needle exchange, one for one exchange, requirement of

Occupational license tax, on-line portal for payment of, study of directed

Off-highway vehicles, operation on public roadways, ordinance prohibiting

Off-road vehicles, property tax exemption

Ordinances for animal shelter standards, outdoor sheltering and care of dogs, dog licenses

Parolees, technical violations and absconding, graduated sanctions for

Private vehicle rentals, license fee on

Procurement, increase small purchase limit and amend publication requirement

Property tax levy, recall and election process, procedural adjustment

Property tax rate levy, petition process, revision

Public facilities, land use review by officers or staff of planning unit

Public finance, bonds and leases, publication and methods of notice, conform

Publications, printing to be done in locality, repeal

Quarterly solid waste action reports, Energy and Environment Cabinet, submission by

Religious organizations, protections for

Restaurant tax, portion to be used for tourism infrastructure

Retired justices and judges, notary public functions

Sales and use tax, construction contractor, exemption

Service fees increase, reporting by sheriff and constable, possible audit

Sheriffs, appointment of nonresident deputies

Sheriffs, fee for executing writs of possession

Small drinking water systems, failing service, study of

Special purpose governmental entities, review of fee and tax increases by city or county, requiring

State parks, alcoholic beverage sales, local government control of

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

Surplus property, disposition of

Tourism and convention bureaus, appointments to multi-county commissions

Tourist and convention commissions, residency requirements of certain appointees

Tourist commission taxes, information and training for collection

Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act of 1994, amending of, mandatory membership

Urban-counties, employment of legal counsel by legislative bodies

Volunteer fire departments, state aid to merging departments

Water fluoridation programs, implementation of, authority of local government to void

Water fluoridation programs, void implementation of, local government action

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