Amburgey, Rebecca "Becky" Terrill, memorializing

Archambeault, James, memorializing

Arnold, Adrian King, memorializing

Arnold, Margery Evans, memorializing

Ashby, Jr., Clayborn Willis, memorializing

Asher, John Stephen, memorial highway designation

Asher, John Stephen, memorializing

Baker, James S. Sr., memorializing

Bales, Amy Register, memorializing

Barnstable, Dale, memorializing

Bentley, Elmer "Roy," memorializing

Biggs, Cpl. Willi, honorary bridge designation

Brown, Kenny Ray, memorializing

Brown, Verneeter E., memorializing

Bryant, Arlonzo Jr., memorializing

Bunning, Jim, memorial highway designation, I-471

Carter, Leah Elizabeth, memorializing

Caudill, Jr., Lieutenant Colonel James M., memorializing

Chambers, Wilma Cooper, memorializing

Clopton, Larry, memorializing

Collett, Anna Beth Hehl, memorializing

Collett, John Edward, memorializing

Collett, Robert William Sr., memorializing

Cox, Elexene "Zenie," memorializing

Coyle, John Edward "Bear," memorializing

Day, Billy Ray, memorializing

Deaton, Sandra Louise, memorializing

Dedman, William, memorializing

Delories Faye Bradford, memorializing

Deters, Jed, memorial highway designation

Farmer, Jonathan, memorializing

Ferguson, Joshua, memorial highway designation, Rowan County, Kentucky Route 32

Fink, Mike, memorializing

Gant, Charles Marvin, memorializing

George, Dr. Salem, memorial highway designation, Marion County, KY 55

George, Dr. Salem, memorializing

Goode, Curtis Ray, memorializing

Gorin, Edward "Ed," memorializing

Graves, William "Bill" Edgar, memorializing

Gregory, Danny L., memorializing

Gullett, Cathy Goble, memorializing

Hall, Carl Winston, memorializing

Hall, William "Bill", memorializing

Hayes, Steve "Weezy", memorializing

Henderson, Robert Lewis, memorial road naming, Warren County

Hensley, Lloyd, memorializing

Howard, Bridgett Ann, memorializing

Huddleston, Walter Darlington "Dee," memorializing

Hudson, Elbert, memorializing

Huff, David Nickell, memorializing

Hurley, Hazel Lewis Bradley, memorializing

Jackson, Homer Lee, memorializing

James II, Neal "Banjo Man" Shannon, memorializing

Jenkins, Jo Ann Billings, memorializing

Johns, Clyde C., memorializing

Johnson, Greg, honoring

Jones, Karla Jean, memorializing

Jones, Lee Robert, memorializing

Kafoglis, Dr. Nicholas Z. "Nick," memorializing

Kesler, Sara Kathleen, memoralizing

King, Jr., Martin Luther, memorial highway designation

Kuegel, Bill, memorializing

Last World War II Medal of Honor recipient, designation of state funeral for

Latkovski, Anastasias "Andy," memorializing

Law Enforcement, state resources, allowing use of

Lawson, Jr., Norman W., memorializing

Lawson, Jr., Norman W. memorializing

Lawson, Jr., Norman W., memorializing

Lee, Jo Nell Carney, memorializing

Lincoln, Abraham, celebrating 210th birthday of

Long, Marshall, memorial highway designation

Long, Marshall, memorializing

Marcum, J.B., honorary highway designation

Mayes, Barbara Gibbs, memorial road naming, Allen County

Mays, Barbara Gibbs, memorial road naming, Allen County

McClain, Martha, memorializing

McCoy, Earl Porter, memorializing

Mengedoht, Deidre Irene "Dee Dee," memorializing

Mengedoht, Deidre Irene, memorializing

Merritt, John Ayers, memorial bridge designation

Mills, Martin J. "Sonny," memorializing

Mobley, Russell Glen, memorializing

Monthie, Katherine Smith, memorializing

Moore, Dawson, memorializing

O'Daniel, James Edward "Eddie," memorializing

Patrick, Irene, memorial highway designation

Peel, Eugene S., memorializing

Perry, Jr., Roman, memorial bridge designation

Phelps, Anthony Joe, memorializing

Phelps, Donald "Donnie" Cooper Jr., memorializing

Phillips, Josephine Knight, memorializing

Post, Suzy, memorializing

Preece Brothers, memorial highway designation, Lawrence County

Preece brothers, memorializing

Reno, Jack, memorializing

Roark, Charles and Ruth, memorial highway designation, Leslie County

Roeding, Dick, memorial road naming, Kenton County

Ross, Billy F., memorial bridge designation

Rowell, Rev. Lawrence George "Larry," memorializing

Schroeder, Edward, memorializing

Seven men killed in Craynor Mine Blast, memorializing

Simon, Lance Corporal Michael Wayne, memorial highway designation, Daviess County

Sizemore, Carl Edward "Crawdad," memorializing

Stanton, Damian Kevin, memorializing

Stephens, Donald Wayne Sr., memorializing

Stivers, Doris Archolene "Archie," memorializing

Stout, Fred, honoring

Strother, Jack Wilhoit Sr., memorializing

Taylor, C. Waitman Jr., memorializing

Taylor, Hubert Darwin, memorializing

Taylor Jr., C. Waitman, KY 331, Daviess County

Thacker, Brandon, Memorial overpass designation

Thomas, Terry, memorializing

Travis, Joe Lane, memorializing

True, Molly, memorializing

Vincent, Jerry Thomas, memorializing

Walker, T. Vaughn, memorializing

Weaver, Richad J. "Dick", memorializing

Webb, Albert, memorializing

White, Daugh Kennon "Doug," memorializing

White, Thomas Wayne, memorializing

Whitlock, Sr., James "Jimmie", memorializing

Wilson, Jimmy Wayne "Jim," memorializing

Wilson, Jimmy Wayne "Jim", memorializing

Wright, Edward W., memorializing

Wright, Gene "Cedar," memorial highway designation

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