Public Health

Abortion complications, report

Ambulance service, provision of by local governments, contracts

Animal killed for cause, personal property, investigation for health and safety by Fish and Wildlife

Baby changing facilities, men's and women's restrooms

Breastfeed and express milk, urge place in Capitol Annex

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, operations

Children and young adult, protection

Children and youth, homelessness, prevention

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, recognizing March as

Controlled substances disposal compositions, sale or distribution of, requiring

Dementia and Alzheimer's, training

Diabetes screening, student physical requirements

Health officers, gender neutral correction

Hepatitis A, direct examination of response

Home-based food products, requirements for sale of

Homestead food products, permits, exemption of

Immunization, postsecondary students

Kentucky addiction prevention, recovery, and enforcement fund, direct litigation revenues

Legend drugs disposal compositions, sale or distribution of, requiring

Medicaid, external reviews, multiple claims, administrative hearing, allowing

Medicinal marijuana program, establish

Needle exchange, one for one exchange, requirement of

Prescription for erectile dysfunction, report

Prescription to induce abortion, report

Protection of children from, marketing practices of e-cigarette manufacturers

Radon certifications, registration requirements

Radon certifications, restration requirements

Rare Disease Advisory Council, establishing

Rare Disease Advisory Council, establishment of

Reorganization, Kentucky Access, Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Required coverage of services, Medicaid

Restrict marketing practices, urge the United States Food and Drug Administration to

School nurse, require in each public school

Services for severe mental illness, provision of

Sexually transmitted disease, expedited partner therapy, permitting

Smoking, employment discrimination protections, removing

Substance abuse disorder, update terminology

Test results, add designee

Tobacco use in schools and on school property, develop policy

Tobacco use in schools and on school property, prohibition

Vision examination, grade six enrollment requirements

Vision examination, kindergarten enrollment requirements

Water fluoridation programs, implementation of, authority of local government to void

Water fluoridation programs, void implementation of, local government action

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