Public Records and Reports

Attorney client work product, combining provisions

Broadband development, Department for Local Government, responsibilities of, removal

Cabinet of Economic Development, trade secrets and confidential information

Common interest communities, recording declarations and bylaws

Common interest communities, unit owners associations, records required

Confidential records, commercial advantage to person or entity

Confidential records, delete certain provisions

Contracts and leases, investors in, disclosure of

Death certificates, contents of

Definitions of resident of the Commonwealth and trade secret, add

Expungement of felonies, expansion of

Gender-neutral language, inserting

Homeless youth, birth certificate access, allowing for

Kentucky Center of Statistics, information reported to

Kentucky State Police, accident reports, required redaction by

Kentucky State Police, vehicle damage data, release of

Local governments, information and training related to the collection of tourist commission taxes

Minority shareholders, disclosure of information

Open records, faxed and emailed application for, allowing

Operator's licenses, emergency contact information registry, exemption from Open Records Act

Personal information, requirements for the release of

Printing in jurisdiction, requirement when practicable, remove reference to city

Public advocate, exemption for client and case files

Retirement and pensions, disclosure of public retirement information and benefits

Retirement and pensions, penalty for failure to file contributions with KRS optional

Shooting of an individual by a law enforcement officer or deadly incident, investigation of

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