Highways, Streets, and Bridges

All-terrain vehicle, highway operation of, allowing

Automatic speed enforcement device, allowing the installation of by local ordinance

Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway Extension, establish 70 mph speed limit on

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with

Cornett, SFC Lance Scott, memorial bridge designation, Laurel County

County roads, agricultural and forest products, 80,000 pound weight limit

Criminal littering, permitting unsafe amounts of mowed grass to remain on a highway

Damaging or removing highway work zone signs, increased penalties for

Deer and elk carcasses, dumping on public highways, prohibition on

Deer and elk carcasses, dumping on public highways, prohibition on, motor vehicle exemption

Electric low-speed scooters, allow use on roadways

Extended weight unrefined petroleum products haul road system, establishment of

Floyd County highway project, urge Transportation Cabinet to resume construction

Golf carts, equipment standards for operation on roadways

Headphones, use of while operating a motor vehicle, prohibition

Highway Construction Contingency Account, status reports to the LRC

Highway funding, omnibus revisions

Highway work zones, prepayable fine for speeding in

Horseshoes, restrictions on use on highways

I-165, establish 70 mph speed limit on

Kentucky Golden Alert System, creation of

Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Charles Buddeke

Lane designations, allow on interstates and parkways, for vehicles greater than 44,000 pounds

Left lane restriction, vehicles greater than 44,000 pounds

Metal commodities overweight permit, elimination of sunset provision

Motor scooters, allow use on roadways

Mullins, Roby, 2018 NASP 3D World Archery Champion, erect signs on US Route 27

Off-highway vehicles, operation on public roadways

Overweight permits and tolerances, moratorium

Railroad crossings, process to close

Roads, donations to state in aid of construction or maintenance of

School or church bus, illegal passing of, increasing fine

Unrefined petroleum haul decals, 150 mile trip limit

Unrefined petroleum haul decals, haulers' responsibility of road damage

Unrefined petroleum haul roads, public hearings on

Unrefined petroleum haul truck owners, trading for fire departments

Work zones, definition

Work zones, double fines for traffic offenses in

Wright, Gene "Cedar," KY 90X, Wayne County

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