Military Affairs and Civil Defense

138th Field Artillery, honoring

Armed Forces member, spouse, or dependent, postsecondary residency status of

ASVAB, schools to offer test, grades 10 to 12

Children of military families, pre-enrollment in school, official orders of transferring

Emergency response commission, quorum for

Gender-neutral language, addition of

Honor and Remember Flag, designation of

Honor and Remember Flag, emblem of remembrance, designation of

JROTC certificate and ASVAB qualifying score, including in postsecondary readiness

Military, Reserves, National Guard, veterans, and spouses, reciprocal occupational licenses for

Military service member, due to relocation, exemption from termination or suspension fees for

Military service members, licensing and certification

Pensions, income tax deduction

Post-traumatic stress injury, day and month, designation of

Reorganization, Kentucky Military History Museum, Executive Order 2018-718

Special military license plate, clarify eligibility for

Special military license plate, spouse eligible for

Veteran at risk, Green Alert, designation of

Veteran at risk, Green Alert, establishment of

Veteran at risk, green alert, providing option for

Veteran at risk, Green Alert, providing option for

Veterans designation on operator's license, proof required for

Women Veterans Weekend, March, first weekend

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