Reports Mandated

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, insulin drug prices

Department of Insurance, reports to legislature, require submission of

Department of revenue expenditure report, baby products and diapers

Department of revenue expenditure report, diapers

Department of Revenue, expenditure report, feminine hygiene products

Department of Revenue, military pension income tax deduction

Department of Revenue, natural resources severance tax credit report

Department of Revenue, sales and use tax exemption, construction contractor

Grain discounts, investigation of

Growth calculation, deletion of reporting regarding

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit, annual reports

Kentucky Contact Center, financial audit reports

Kentucky Department of Education, arts instruction, report on

Kentucky Department of Education, graduation assessment requirement, report on

Kentucky Department of Education, growth calculation, report on

Legislative ethics telephone tip line, complaints received

Licensing boards, reporting requirements of

Medicaid managed care organizations, payment schedules, disclosure and review of

Off-road vehicle tax exemption, annual report

Property used in the deployment of advanced broadband technologies; annual report

Public libraries, special ad valorem tax revenues, spending

Rare Disease Advisory Council and General Assembly, annual reports to

Rare Disease Advisory Council, annual reports to

Rural growth fund tax credit and program, Department of Revenue to report on

Scholarship tax credit

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, annual report, requirement for

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