Taxation, Income--Corporate

Airport noise mitigation, income tax credit for

Certified rehabilitation tax credit cap, expansion of

Combined report, sharing of tax credits and net operation losses

Combined reporting, clarification of

Combined reporting requirements, modification of

Earn and learn tax credit, creating

Expensing of assets, modification of

Family resource and youth services centers, authorize donations to

Internal Revenue Code, update of reference to

Internal Revenue Code, update reference to

KBI program, minimum weekly wage, requirement for

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit, creation of

Recycling tax credit, modification of

Renewable chemical production tax credit, creation of

Rural hospital organization donation tax credit

Scholarship tax credit, creation

Sharing of tax credits, eliminate

Tax credit, small business with an apprenticeship program

Tax credits, economic development programs, modifying provisions of

Tax Expenditure Oversight Board, establishment of

Tax expenditures

Tax rates

Voluntary environmental remediation tax credit, expansion

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