General Assembly

Adjournment, 2020 Session until April 13, 2020

Adjournment, sine die

Aerospace and Aviation Caucus, establishment

Carroll, Senator Julian M., retirement, honoring

Casino gaming, constitutional amendment, authority to establish

Civility for members of the House of Representatives

Clerks, date terminology, use of "the year of our Lord"

Commission on legislative and congressional redistricting, plan proposal, consideration of

Committee for impeachment proceedings, Dawn M. Gentry

Constitutional amendment, budget special session, compensation suspended

Constitutional amendment, gubernatorial line of succession

Constitutional amendment, terms of members, extension of

Constitutional amendments, form of, legislature to determine

Ethical misconduct, prohibited behavior

Ethical misconduct, prohibited behavior, complaint procedures

Ethics, criminal statutes, application of

Ethics, preliminary proceedings, confidentiality, retain

Ethics, proceedings and documents, open records and open meetings, applicable

Executive orders, procedures for

Extended session, requirements for

Extraordinary session; call itself into

Fiscal note requirements, establishment of

Fiscal notes and offsetting requirements, bills and amendments with tax expenditures, establishment

Former member, complaint allowed

General Assembly, education, teacher, superintendent, double compensation, leave of absence, service

Gubernatorial appointments, confirmation of, delete reference to House of Representatives

Harris, Senator Ernie, honoring retirement of

Health disparity impact, reviewing and assessing

House of Representatives, committee to wait upon the Governor, appointing

House of Representatives, membership

House of Representatives, pastors, invitation

House of Representatives, Rules, adoption of

House of Representatives, Rules, amendment to

Introduction of bills, limitation of

Kentucky Committee on Legislative Redistricting, establishing

Kentucky state flag, pledge of allegiance to, House of Representatives, recite

Legislative Branch Budget

Legislative committee review of administrative regulations, processes for

Legislative Ethics Commission, specified complaints, Legislative Research Commission, communicate to

Legislators' Retirement Plan, close plan to new members and transfer cash balance members to KERS

Members, contest proceedings, provisions relating to

Members, election of, automatic recount in

Oaths, committees, witnesses, taking of

Preschool program, task force to study

Public Water and Wastewater System Infrastructure Task Force, reestablish

Racial and ethnic community criminal justice and public safety impact statement, requiring

Retirement and pensions, sex offense against minor, forfeit public pension upon conviction of

Retirement bills, additional requirements for actuarial analysis, establishing

Retirement, close LRP and JRP to new judges and legislators

Retirement, member option to reduce legislative retirement benefits

Retirement, new amortization method for paying off unfunded liabilities to LRP

Retirement, other non-public salary in account consolidation with LRP benefits, restriction

Retirement, prospectively adjust legislative retirement benefits.

Reviser of statutes, authority to edit the Kentucky Revised Statutes to reflect court rulings

Roll call vote for appropriation or revenue measure, requirement for

Senate, committee to wait upon the Governor, appointment

Senate, membership of

Senate, pastors, invitation

Senate, Rules, adoption of

Sexual harassment factors, alter

Speech or debate, constitutional amendment, protection, deletion of

Tax Expenditure Oversight Board, establishment of

Tax expenditures and incentives claimed, recommendations for effectiveness of

Terms of members, extension and limit

Terms of members, limit

Terms of Representatives, extend to four years

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