Ability to seek injunctive relief in matters relating to sanctuary policies

Ability to seek injunctive relief in matters relating to support of federal immigration law

Appointment to Racing Commission, Senate approval of

Appointments, confirmation of, delete reference to House of Representatives

Appointments to Horse Park Commission members, Senate approval of

Business COVID-19 guidance, review of

Candidate for elective office, submission of federal income tax returns, requirement of

Candidates for, running mate, delay of

Constitutional amendment, abolishment of Office of Lieutenant Governor, line of succession

Constitutional amendments, form of, legislature to determine

Contest proceedings, provisions relating to

County consolidation, appointment necessary to

COVID-19, administrative bodies, fees and other requirements, waiver or suspension of

COVID-19 state of emergency, declaration of cessation

Election, Lieutenant Governor designation

Election, nonpartisan

Election of, automatic recount in

Executive agency lobbyists, campaign contributions, prohibit

Executive Order 2019-286, confirm

Executive Order 2019-719, confirm

Executive Order 219-466, confirm

Executive orders, constitutional challenges, venue for

First Responder Recognition Day, designation of

Governor's Office of Agricultural Policy, abolishment of

Guidelines for reopening businesses after emergency, approval of

Human Rights Commission, reorganization, executive order, prohibition

Pardon, constitutional amendment, prohibition period, execution date, exception for

Pardons and commutations, Constitution of Kentucky, limitation in

Plans for reopening businesses, approval of

State Investment Commission, membership of

State of emergency, declaration of, limitations on

State/Executive Branch Budget

Statement of use of state resources for nonpublic purposes, requiring

Successful candidate, repayment deadline for personal loans made to campaign

Time of election, move to even-numbered years

Transportation Cabinet Budget

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