Personnel and Employment

Appeals process for drug-free workplaces, public employees, industrial hemp

Cabinet secretary's powers, gender-neutral language

Call center relocations to a foreign country, notice to Labor Cabinet

CBD oil, THC, drug testing, employment discrimination, prohibiting

Classification of Workers in the Construction Industry Task Force, establishment of

Construction industry, misclassification of employees

Crime victims leave from employment

Crime victims, leave from employment

Direct sellers, payment of wages, exclusion

Earned paid sick leave provided by employers, requirement for

Electronic monitoring of employees by employer, limits upon

Employment discrimination, requirement of criminal history on job applications, prohibition

Health care workers, workplace safety

Health-care providers, enforceability of non-compete agreements

Hemp-derived products, use of, employment discrimination, prohibiting

Hospitals, treatment, discrimination for acts of conscience

independent contractor, misclassification of employees

Interview preference for employees of quasi-governmental agencies, establishing

Leave requirements, adoption of child

Paid parental leave for employees, employers with fifty or more employees

Paid sick leave provided by employers, requirement for

Personnel Board, confirmation, Demetrius O. Holloway

Personnel Board, confirmation, Tommy Chandler

Physicians and advanced practice nurses, employment contracts, non-compete clauses, void

Physicians, employment contracts, non-compete clauses, void

Professional employer organizations, regulation of

Schedules for employees

Self-organization, public employees, collective bargaining, right of assocation, wages

Smoking, employment discrimination protections, removing

State minimum wage, increase

Treatment, discrimination, acts of conscience

Unlawful employment practice, inquiry about previous salary

Wage discrimination, prohibit employers with one or more employees and for discussion of wages

Wage payment bond, requirements

Wages, recordkeeping and reporting of

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