Secretary of State

Auditor of Public Accounts, end of term inventory, receive

Audits related to voting and elections procedures, establishment of

Ballot issue, prohibition of contribution and expenditure by business incorporated outside Kentucky

Candidate for elective office, submission of federal income tax returns, requirement of

Candidates for Governor, running mate, delay of

Consolidate local governments, mayors, nonpartisan election of

Consolidated local governments, legislative body members, nonpartisan election of

Consolidated local governments, mayors, nonpartisan election of

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended, provide ballot language

Convene commission on redistricting, furnish applications to public, selection, vacancy appointment

Early voting, omnibus bill

Election, nonpartisan

Election of, automatic recount in

Elections, State Board of Elections, computerized map of precinct boundaries

Elections, voter identification, omnibus bill on

Executive agency lobbyists, campaign contributions, prohibit

Executive orders, procedures for

Gaming, ballot language, constitutional proposal

General Assembly, terms of members, extension of, provide ballot language

Gubernatorial line of succession, abolishing, Office of Lieutenant Governor, ballot language

Judicial elections, statutory change upon ratification of constitutional amendment

Legislative body members, cities, nonpartisan election of

Mail-in and in-person absentee ballots, persons entitled to, expansion of

Mayors, cities, nonpartisan election of

Municipal annexation, filing requirements

Paper ballots, duties related to

Partisan judicial elections, statutory change upon ratification of constitutional amendment

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a clean natural environment, with preservation of

Provisional voting, duties of

Reorganization of office, Executive Order 2019-01

Restoration of voting rights and civil rights, constitutional requirements for

Restoration of voting rights and prohibitions relating, ballot language, constituional proposal

Same-day voter registration and voting on election day, new registrations

Same-day voter registration on election day

State/Executive Branch Budget

Statement of use of state resources for nonpublic purposes, requiring

Successful candidate, repayment deadline for personal loans made to campaign

Time of election, move to even-numbered years

"Veteran-owned business," amend definition of

Voter affirmation form, reasonable impediment, addition of

Voter preregistration, minimum age of 16, persons eligible

Voting equipment and voting systems, duties associated with

Voting machines, straight-party option, removal of

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