Actuarial Analysis

Casino gaming, constitutional amendment, authority to establish

Casino gaming, revenue generated by

Consolidated emergency services district, participation in

Judicial Form Retirement System, new amortization method for paying off unfunded liabilities

Kentucky Employees Retirement System, employees continued participation in

Kentucky Retirement Systems, line-of-duty benefits, adjustment

Kentucky Retirement Systems, housekeeping legislation for

Kentucky Retirement Systems, liability-based contributions for KERS employers

Kentucky Retirement Systems, omitted service to determine consolidated benefits in

Kentucky Retirement Systems, post-retirement change of beneficiary and option, qualifying events for

Kentucky Retirement Systems, university and college employers, actuarial cost of

Legislators' Retirement Plan, close plan to new members and transfer cash balance members to KERS

Legislators' Retirement Plan, other non-public salary in account consolidation, restriction

Legislators' Retirement Plan, prospectively adjust benefits for legislators.

Line of duty, disability benefits, adjustment of

Pensions, SB 151 (RS 2018), repeal the provisions of

Retirement bills, additional requirements for actuarial analysis, establishing

Retirement, impact of part-time nonhazardous employment on full-time hazardous member's retirement

Sports wagering, excise tax on

State Retirement Systems, goal to invest 1.5% of assets in Kentucky private equity fund investments

Teachers' Retirement System, disability retirement for

Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Teachers' Retirement system, post-retirement change of beneficiary and option, qualifying events for

Wagering, taxation on

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