Amusements and Recreation

1775 Semiquincentennial Anniversary Commission, establishment of

Aviation museum and aircraft, recognition of importance

Aviation museum, celebrate

Casino gaming, constitutional amendment, authority for

Casino gaming, licensing for

False and deceptive advertising, misappropriation of music group name, consumer protection

Fantasy contests, local prohibition of

Fantasy contests, provisions for

Local government, parks and playgrounds, accessibility requirements

Motorboats documented with Coast Guard, registration requirements, establishment of

Online poker, deletion of

Online poker, local prohibition of

Online poker, provisions for

Possession of gambling device, establishing gender neutral language regarding

Sports wagering, definition of

Sports wagering, licensing of

Sports wagering, local prohibition of

Sports wagering, locations that may offer

Sports wagering, provisions for

State park improvement, Kentucky Tourism Development Act, sales tax incentive

Threatening future of professional baseball, urge Major League Baseball to rescind proposal

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