Boards and Commissions

Alcohol and drug counselors, certification

Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, adding Cannabis Administrator to

Board of Education, academic standards for African and Native American instruction

Board of Education, comprehensive sex education, promulgate regulations related to

Board of Education, eligibility and membership

Board of Education, interscholastic athletics, regulations related to biological sex

Board of Nursing, advanced practice registered nurses, requirements of

Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers, license renewal fee

Board of Professional Licensure for Engineers and Land Surveyors, insurance provided by

Charter school authorizer training, requirements for

Commonwealth of Kentucky Data Governance and Management Advisory Board, creation of

Conversion therapy, prohibition of

Council on Postsecondary Education meetings, public comment period, requirement for

Data working group, creation of

Eligible veterans, discharged LGBTQ veterans, amended to include

Horse racing commission, actions appealed to

Horse Racing Commission, Executive Branch Code of ethics compliance with

Horse racing commission, open records requirements of

Horse racing commission, public records requirements subject to

Kentucky Board of Creative Arts Therapies, membership composition of

Kentucky board of Licensure for Professional Art Therapists, name change

Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs, membership of

Kentucky Fire Commission, membership of

Kentucky Gaming Commission, creation of

Kentucky Group Health Insurance Board, certain quasi-governmental agencies, inclusion

Kentucky Group Health Insurance Board, employee of Kentucky Retirement System, addition of

Kentucky Group Health Insurance Board, employee of Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, addition of

Kentucky Transportation Board, establishment, membership, powers, and duties

Kentucky Transportation Board, membership, gender and ethnic diversity requirement

Kentucky Transportation Board, power to terminate Transportation Secretary employment, elimination

Local board of education, public charter school authorizer training

Local government, parks and playgrounds, accessibility requirements

Local school board members, insurance rates

Long-term antibiotic therapy, Lyme disease

Nursing board, advanced practice registered nurse licensees, prescriptive authority of

Officer Shooting Review Board, establishment of

Personnel Board, gender-neutral language

Postsecondary governing boards, student disciplinary proceedings, minimum procedural requirements

Real Estate Appraisers Board, authority over appraiser professions

Recommended Biennial Highway Construction Plan, Kentucky Transportation Board approval

State assistance and state management, Board of Education, process for

State Board of Accountancy, scholarship program, authority to establish

State, Elections, promulgate administrative regulations for, voter preregistration

State Fair Board, reorganization, restrictions

State/Executive Branch Budget

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