Budget and Financial Administration

Abortion services, government payments to entities referring for/counseling in favor of, prohibition

Appropriated funds, recovery of

Appropriations, technical corrections

Area Development Districts, reports and reporting processes

Biennial Highway Construction Plan, FY 2020-2022

Biennial tax expenditure analysis report, establishment

Bowling Green Veterans Center, design and preconstruction

Branch budget bills, technical correction

Branch budget bills, technical corrections

Branch budget recommendations, technical corrections

Budget forms, technical corrections

Candidates for elective office, federal income tax returns, requirement of, fees collected

Capital Seed Capital Fund, recovery of funds, flexibility

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriate funds for

Commission on Women, appropriation

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, budget special session, compensation suspended

COVID-19 Hotline, support of

Department of Kentucky State Police forensic laboratory fund

Direct Health Care Services and Research Facilities Operations Loan

Driver license and ID card fees, acceptable forms of payment

Driver license and ID card fees, distribution

Estimate of revenue loss, tax expenditures, including within

Evidence-based decisions

Fiscal note requirements, establishment of

Ground ambulance provider, assessment of

Helicopter hangar, city of Madisonville, appropriation

Institutions of higher education, exemption

Interpretation of appropriations

Judicial Branch Budget

Judicial Branch Budget, court facilities projects

Judicial Branch Budget, public health emergency

KEDFA loan, public medical center

KEDFA loan, public medical center, rural hospitals

Kentucky Civil War site preservation fund

Legislative Branch Budget

Major economic action regulations, procedures for

New tax expenditures, offsetting requirements, establishment

Recommended Six-Year Road Plan, Kentucky Transportation Board approval

Roll call vote, requirement for

Rural hospital operations and facilities revolving loan fund

Sales and Use Tax, Distilled Spirits, Wine, and Malt Beverages Sales

School resource officer and school counselor fund

Six year road plan, last four years of

State Investment Commission, membership of

State/Executive Branch Budget

Transparency Web site, contract, approval of

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Unbudgeted federal funds

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