Children and Minors

Abortion, constitutional amendment, no protected right

Abortion reporting requirements, audit of

Abuse or neglect, prohibition on unsupervised contact with sex offenders

Adoption, putative father, time for registering to be a party, reduction of

Anonymous reporting of substance, in schools, report of

ASVAB, school counseling based on results and included in individualized learning plans

ASVAB, schools to offer test, grades 10 to 12

Baby products and diapers, exemption of sales and use tax

Background check of staff, fingerprint-supported, requiring

Bicycle helmets, children under 12, requirement for

Blueprint for Kentucky's Children, honoring

Born-alive infants, protection of

Bullying, definition

Bullying, notification of allegations of bullying, parents to receive

Bullying, reporting, escalation, repsonse to, appeal of decision, requirements for

Bullying, supporting victims of

Certificate of stillbirth resulting in death, issue, upon request of parent

Child abuse and child sexual abuse instruction, require in public schools

Child abuse and neglect check, content, administrative findings

Child abuse, reporting of

Child dependency, neglect, or abuse, required reporting of

Child pornography, under 12 years old, raising penalty for

Child restraint systems and booster seats, front seat placement, prohibition

Child support, flagrant nonsupport, increase arrearage amounts and time before qualifying as

Child support, nonsupport, reduce jail time for

Child-care center standards, establishing

Child-care centers, radon testing for

Child-care providers, definitions, changing

Child-placing agencies, background check requirement, exempt until checks are done electronically

Children of military families, pre-enrollment in school

Children's Advocacy Day, recognizing

Class size, reduction of

Corporal physical discipline, use of, prohibiting

Custody and visitation, after felony offense resulting in child, prohibition of

Department of Education, foster children, educational record sharing, providing for

Emergency placement of children, criminal history record checks for

Enhanced vapor product manufacturers, unaccompanied minors prohibited

Enhanced vapor products retailer, unaccompanied minors prohibited

Excused school absences, up to four days when consulting with military recruiters

Family Resource and Youth Services Center Day, designation of

Female genital mutilation, abused or neglected child

Female genital mutilation, requirement to report

Foster children, educational record sharing, providing for

Guardians ad litem and court-appointed counsel, fees for

Historical instruction, African and Native American history, requirements for

Housing vouchers, family preservation services, facilitation of

Intellectual disability, add to factors considered in decision to transfer child to circuit court.

Interscholastic athletics, designation for eligibility based on biological sex, requirements

Involuntary termination of parental rights, putative father, time for registering to be party

Juvenile criminal responsibility, competency, procedures

Kindergarten, full day of attendance for

Life-prolonging treatment of a minor, withholding of, informing parents

Local government, playground project, accessibility requirements

Maternal mortality and morbidity, prevention of

Mental health counseling, child access to, allowing for

Military families, children, temporary enrollment in school

National registry of substantiated cases of child abuse or neglect, implementation

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, task force, creation of

Newborn screening, spinal muscular atrophy, adding

Parental notification, risks and harms of sexually explicit Internet content, by schools

Parental rights, establishing

Parental rights, involuntary termination of, foster parent involvement, establishing

Parental rights, restoration of, allowing for

Parents or prospective parents with blindness, rights established

Persons eligible for, voter preregistration, minimum age of 16

Physical activity requirements, public school, minimum

Public schools, comprehensive sex education instruction, required for all grades

School screening committees, student minority population of 50% or greater, composition of

Sex assigned at birth, alteration, element of abuse and neglect

Sex assigned at birth, alteration, limit treatment for

Sex offenders, publicly leased playground, prohibition against

Sexual endangerment of a child, crime, creation of

Solitary confinement of juveniles, limitations on

Statute of limitations, childhood sexual abuse, criminal and civil actions

STEAM education, taskforce to improve diversity in

Stillbirths, individual income tax credit, creation of

Student identification badges required to contain national crisis hotline numbers

Substance abuse syndrome, newborns, reporting

Sunrise Children's Services, honoring

Task force, legislative, PANDAS and PANS

Tobacco offenses, minors, prohibit arrest

Tobacco purchase and possession offenses, under 21, confiscation only penalty

Tobacco-related offenses, minors, remove status offense designation

Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act, establishment of

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition of

Vaping awareness, program for

Vision examinations, grade six enrollment requirements

Vision examinations, kindergarten enrollment requirements

Youthful offender referral process, limitations on

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