Commendations and Recognitions

19th Amendment, celebrating

19th Amendment, honoring ratification of

2020 Kentucky Census Quilt, United States Census, promotion of

Allen, Dontaie, 2019 Kentucky Mr. Basketball, signage honoring, Pendleton County

Aviation Museum of Kentucky, recognize

Bentley, Corporal Howard, honoring

Bourbon and Bowties, recognizing

Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant, acknowledging

Breithaupt, Henry H., honoring

Campbell, Rev. Cynthia M., honoring

Campbellsville University Women's Basketball Program, honoring

Career and Technical Education Month, recognizing

Carney, Representative John "Bam," honoring, extending get well wishes

Carrigan, Paisley, Little Miss US 2019, Pulaski County, signage honoring

Center for Neighborhoods, honoring the work of

Childers, Tyler, country music artist, signage honoring, Lawrence County

Children's Advocacy Day, recognizing

Christian Way Farm, honoring

Citizens National Bank, honoring upon 100th anniversary

Clary, Susan Stokley, honor

Coffey, Elroy, acknowledging military service of

Coffey, Phillip, honoring

Col. Charles Young, honoring life and legacy of

Columbus Day, reference, remove

Community Farm Alliance, honoring upon 35th anniversary

Corvette, honoring

Cox, Command Sergent Major William Keith, honoring

Craig, Rachel, honoring

Cronin, Coach Bill, honoring

Crump, Steve, honoring

Days of remembrance and honor, designating

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Awareness Day, April 26, 2020

Dunn, Barry, honoring

Dwyer, Gay, honoring

Ethridge, James Edward, honoring

Family Resource and Youth Services Center Day, designation of

February 13, 2020, declaring 100th anniversary of League of Women Voters as

FFA Week, recognition of

Food Check-Out Week, honor farmers

Ford, Conner, 2019 National Drive Chip and Putt Champion, Rockcastle County, signage honoring

Gant, Lenny and Kelly, honoring

Georgetown College, honoring upon its 190th anniversary

Guindi, Dr. Samir, recognizing retirement of

Hart, Representative Mark, honoring

Hubbard, Bailey, honorary sign placement, US 421 Clay County

Hunger Free Kentucky Day, declaration of

Indigenous Peoples' Day, second Monday in October, recognize

Kentucky Land Title Day, recognition of

Kentucky Motion Picture Hall of Fame, Garrard County, signage honoring

Kentucky state flag, pledge of allegiance to, House of Representatives, recite

King, Dr. Martin Luther Jr., honoring

Lambeth, Judith Anne, honoring

Lincoln, Abraham, celebrating 211th birthday of

Live United Day, January 30, 2020, recognizing

Moats, Dr. Mark A., honoring

Montgomery, John Michael, recognizing

Montgomery, Walker, recognizing

Napier, Lonnie, honorary highway designation, KY 52, Garrard County

National Beef Month, recognizing

National Milk Day, recognition of

National Pork Month, recognizing

Nevills, Joe, honoring

New Haven, Kentucky, recognizing

New Haven, Kentucky, recognizing bicentennial of

PANDAS and PANS Awareness Day, October 9, 2020

Public holidays, removal of certain days

Rae of Sunshine Foundation, honoring

Raterman, Lisa, honoring

Richardson, Thornton Elwood, honoring

Roesel, Pat, honoring

Rolfe, Peter Mitchell, honoring

Sanders, Lester, honoring

Schneider, Erin, honoring

Scott High School Girls' Cross Country Team, honoring

Seum, Dan, honoring

Somerset High School Football Team, 2019 Class 2A State Champs, signage honoring, Pulaski County

Soybean Month, recognizing

Spalding, Lieutenant John M., honoring

Steve Kelley, Farmer of the Year, Kentucky Farm Bureau, honoring

Sunrise Children's Services, recognizing 150th anniversary of

Sweet sorghum molasses, naming and designating as official syrup of Kentucky

Taiwan, commending for its relations with the United States

The Hearing & Speech Center, recognizing and honoring

Toma, Dr. Eugenia, honoring

Wilson, Deputy Shane, asking House to pray for

Women Veterans' Day, designate June 12

Young, Charles, honoring

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