Criminal Procedure

Accident reporting, serious physical injury or death

Animal cruelty, forfeiture of abused animal, requiring

Animal fighting, increase fine for

Animal fighting, spectators and vendors, prohibition on

Assault of a sports official, increase penalty, Class D felony

Asset seizure, law enforcement agencies, seizure by

Born-alive infants, protection of

Capital offense, executions, mental illness

Child pornography, under 12 years old, raising penalty for

Constitutional amendment, crime victims' bill of rights, proposing creation of

Crimes Victim Bill of Rights, statutory changes upon ratification of constitutional amendment

Criminal gangs, activities, offense, and penalties relating to

Disposition of remains, deny person charged in a death the ability to decide

Driving under the influence, search warrants for

Expungement, acquittals, automatic

Expungement, automatic, exclude traffic infractions from

Expungement, automatic for eligible offenses.

Expungement, dismissals with prejudice, automatic

Expungement; felony cases in which no indictment was issued; exclude cases proceeding by information

Expungement, past acquittals and dismissals with prejudice, allowed by petition

Felony mediation, allow victim to request

Firearms, comprehensive regulation of

Flagrant nonsupport, increase arrearage amounts and accrual time before qualifying as

Gender-neutral language, insertion of

Hate crime, enhanced term of imprisonment for

Identification reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, demand

Intellectual disability, add to factors considered in decision to transfer child to circuit court.

Intimidation of a sports official, establish offense, Class A misdemeanor

Judicial removal orders, procedures for

Juvenile criminal responsibility, competency, procedures

Law enforcement officer, obstruction of body-worn camera by

Nonsupport, reduce jail time and allow work release

Officer Shooting Review Board, establishment of

Pretrial release, options for

Prisoners, transfer of

Probation program credits, creation of

Racial and ethnic community criminal justice and public safety impact statement, requiring

Sex offender registry, expansion of

Sex offenders, publicly leased playground, prohibition against

Sexual contact, definition of

Sexual endangerment of a child, crime, creation of

Sexual offenses, procuring minors through communications systems

Solitary confinement of juveniles, limitations on

Theft and fraud crimes, raising felony threshold for

Theft by unlawful taking, felony threshold, raising of

Torture of a dog or cat, specific acts of torture

Torture of a dog or cat, punishment for

Trespass, simplified remedy for elderly and vulnerable

Veterinarians, animal cruelty, allow reports of

Youthful offender referral process, limitations on

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