Public Officers and Employees

Annual supplement, joint task force members, inclusion

CERS, mayors or city council members, retirement at age 62 or over

City elected officials, mandatory training for

City mayors and legislative body members, training, applicability

City peace officers, work hours

County clerks, interlocal requirement agreements, removal

County clerks, municipal annexations, filing requirements

Election of statewide constitutional officers, change to even-numbered years

Firefighters employed by air boards, training incentive

Immigration law, support of

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

Interlocal agreements, omnibus changes

Jailers, deputy jailers, appointment of nonresidents

Jailers, deputy jailers, certification of need prior to hiring out-of-state

Judicial Form Retirement System, new amortization method for paying off unfunded liabilities

Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, special law enforcement officers, background check required

Kentucky Employees Retirement System, university and college employees' continued participation in

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, membership of

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, membership of, nonvoting members

Kentucky Retirement Systems, housekeeping legislation for

Legislators' Retirement Plan, close plan to new members and transfer cash balance members to KERS

Legislators' Retirement Plan, member option to reduce future benefits

Legislators' Retirement Plan, other non-public salary in account consolidation, restriction

Legislators' Retirement Plan, prospectively adjust benefits for legislators.

Library districts, election of board members

Line of duty, disability benefits, adjustment of

Local elected officials, prohibited conduct, criminal penalties

Peace officers, professional certification, extension

Pensions,SB 151 (RS 2018), repeal the provisions of

Public safety telecommunicators, categorization in Standard Occupational Classification system

Quasi-governmental agencies, establishing interview preference

Reemployment after retirement, restrictions on part-time adjunct instructors

Removing sheriff as administrator, county without public administrator and guardian

Retirement, adjustment of line-of-duty benefits

Retirement and pensions, sex offense against minor, forfeit public pension upon conviction of

Retirement, close LRP and JRP to new judges and legislators

Retirement, impact of part-time nonhazardous employment on full-time hazardous member's retirement

Reviser of statutes, authority to edit the Kentucky Revised Statutes to reflect court rulings

Sanctuary policies, prohibitions relative thereto

Secretary, Finance and Administration Cabinet, unified and integrated system of accounts

Secretary of State, municipal annexation, filing requirements

Special law enforcement officers, background check for commissioning of

Speech regarding gender, employment discrimination, protection for

State employees, annual cost of living adjustment, consumer price index, use of

State employees, annual increment, consumer price index, use of

State employees, wages, hours, self-organization, unions

State Retirement Systems, goal to invest 1.5% of assets in Kentucky private equity fund investments

State-administered retirement systems, contracts and investment fees, public disclosure of

State/Executive Branch Budget

Support of enforcement of federal immigration law, requirements relative thereto

Task force on prescription transparency and affordability, establish

Teachers, retirement systems housekeeping bill

Transportation of specified responders, a killed in the line of duty

Treasurer, unified and integrated system of accounts, maintenance of

Water district commissioner training requirements, time extension not to exceed six months

Water district commissioners, salary, limits on

Water district commissioners, total compensation, limits on

Water district commissioners, training requirements, time extensions

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