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Physicians and Practitioners

Certificate of need, elimination of

Controlled substances, risks, benefits, limitations, discussion with patient

Dementia care training, direct care staff and managers

Employment contracts, non-compete clauses, void

Hospitals and surgeons, create low-volume requirement

Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, hearing procedures, hearing officer role in

Lower Health Care Costs Act, urging enactment of

Maternal mortality and morbidity, prevention of

Medicaid managed care contract, limiting

Medicaid payments, reporting and reimbursing

Medicinal marijuana program, establishment

Non-compete agreements, enforceability regarding physicians

Occupational diseases, physicians eligible to perform evaluations in workers' compensation

Opioid depression reversal drug, requiring prescription of

Patient safety culture survey, hospitals to conduct

Physician assistants, controlled substances, prescriptive authority

Required coverage of services, Medicaid

Unanticipated out-of-network care, balancing billing, prohibition against

Voluntary non-opioid directive, creation

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