Civil Procedure

Abortion, upon a minor

Actions involving the Commission on Human Rights, timelines for, extend

Availability of certain materials; clarify

Born-alive infants, protection of

Child support, adjustment, application of parenting time

Child support, calculation of

Child support calculations

Child support, establishment, temporary removal order, required action

Child support, paternity action, retroactive attachment

Child support, self-support reserve, adjustment

Child support, update obligation table

Citizen review board, protections in

Civil action by Attorney General, unlawful enforcement, federal firearms laws

Civil cause of action, unlawful discriminatory practice, firearms industry

Constitutional challenges, establish venue

Constitutional challenges, establishment of judicial panel and venue

Court proceedings, remote or virtual appearance, provide

Crisis aversion and rights retention order, firearms prohibition, petition

Dependency, neglect, and abuse actions; informal adjustment of

Exercise of constitutional rights, dismissal of legal actions against

Extreme risk protection order, firearms prohibition, petition for

Facial recognition technology, use as evidence

False claims act, creation

Firearms seizure, dangerousness hearing

Hair texture and hairstyle, expanding the definition of race to include

Heir property, partition

Immunity, vehicle damage, removal of dog or cat in danger of death

Implantation of identification devices, cause of action

Involuntary commitment, incompetent to stand trial, certain felonies

Judgement, gender-neutral language

Maintaining a crime-related nuisance, cause of action, creation of

New civil action, violation of KRS 237.104

Peace officers, protections for

Recovery for injuries or death, limitations, proposing constitutional amendment

Residential rental property, forcible detainer, commencement of action

Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, administrative charge, exceptions

Rule of evidence, proposal

Seized animal, cost of care petition

Seized animal cost-of-care petition

Sovereign immunity waiver, freedom of religion violation

Suits for violation of constitutional rights, allowing

Treble damages; suits against healthcare providers; provide for

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