Born-alive infants, protection of

Bronchodilator rescue inhalers, dispense to schools

Controlled Substance Prescribing Review and Enforcement Advisory Council, establishing

Controlled substance prescribing reviews, boards, administrative regulations

Electronic supervision, prescriptions

Emergencies, dispensing extension, clarification

Emergency authority, extension, approval of General Assembly required

Emergency authority, extension of, approval of General Assembly required

False claims act, creation

Hypodermic needles or syringes, sale and disposal

Immunization requirements, exemptions

Individual-directed care, end of life

Kentucky Board of Pharmacy, certification program, certification rules, abortion-inducing drugs

Medicaid managed care contract, limiting

Medicaid pharmacy benefits, independent monitoring

Medicaid pharmacy benefits, reimbursement methodologies and dispensing fees

Occupational license, renewal fee, exemption for military spouses

Pharmacist reimbursement practices, requirements

Pharmacy benefit managers, regulation

Prescription drug coverage, cost-sharing requirements

Prescription drug delivery, coverage requirement

Sex assigned at birth, alteration in minors, treatment limitations

Treatment, discrimination, for acts of conscience

Urgent-need insulin program and continuing access to insulin program, establishment

Vaccine, distribution and shipment

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