Annual sheriff tax settlement audit requirements

Assault on, increased penalty

Body-worn cameras, requirements

Damages to monuments, edifices, graves and lands, pursuit of violations

Election proclamation, office of the United States Senator, publication

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

Jailers, telecommunications services for jail inmates, oversight

Local option elections for gaming, advertising of

Missing persons reports, search, use of existing resources

Removing sheriff as administrator, county without public administrator and guardian

Search warrants, authorizing entry without notice, limitations

Search warrants, execution of, notice required before entering premises

Special election and proclamation, office of United States Senator

Taxes, consolidated emergency services district, collection

Taxes, consolidated emergency services district, collection of

Taxes or license fees, property tax bill, sheriff's collection fee

Towing services, list of companies

Unauthorized capture of photographic or videographic images by a first responder

Warrants, authorizing entry without notice, prohibit

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