Technical Corrections

Air quality, General Assembly, findings

Authority of Department of Revenue

Branch budget bills

Budget forms

Charitable health care providers, medical professional liability insurance

Computerized records maintained by local governments

Consumer loan licensees, permitted loan charges

Counties, space rental during courthouse construction

Definitions, addition of gender-neutral language

Economic development, gender-neutrality


Fire protection districts, grammatical correction

Firefighter license plates, name correction

Gender-neutral language

Gender-neutral language, inserting

Gender-neutral language, insertion

HB 189

HB 259

HB 439

HB 495

HB 563

HB/309 HCS 1

Health Services, technical correction


Make technical corrections

Optional tax tables

Park rangers, technical changes

Personnel Board, gender-neutral language

Personnel Cabinet, secretary's powers, gender-neutral language

Reorganizations, temporary executive orders

SB 211/SCS 1

SB 45

State Board of Elections, gender neutral language

State fire marshal, property loss reports, gender-neutral language

State parks, gender-neutral pronoun

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Technical correction

Transportation Cabinet, definition

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