Unemployment Compensation

Appropriation, repayment of loan

Benefits for workers displaced by domestic or dating violence and abuse, sexual assault, or stalking

Benefits, qualifications and amounts

Benefits, waiver of overpayment

Contribution rates, method of determination

Deadlines, appeals of determination

Eligibility, work search requirements

Employer contributions, suspencsion of interest during COVID-19 emergency

Employer contributions, suspension of interest during COVID-19 emergency

Fraud, COVID-19, criminal penalty

Home and community based services providers, exclusion from workers' compensation and unemployment

Income taxation

Kentucky Career Center, public employment office locations mandated

Kentucky Career Center, public employment office locations, mandatory

Notice, deadline for appeal, unemployment insurance, trust fund, fraud prevention

Standards for waiver of overpayment

State of emergency or disaster, relief measures

Unemployment insurance loan, unemployment insurance fund, congressional action

Unemployment insurance overpayment debt, waiver

Unemployment insurance overpayment, waiver of repayment

Unemployment Insurance Reform Task Force, creation

Unemployment Insurance, reorganization of Office and Commission into Labor Cabinet

Wages, payment by professional employer organizations

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