Universities and Colleges

Better Kentucky Promise Scholarship, eligibility

College Application Month, recognition

College applications, criminal history questions, ban

Deadly weapons, postsecondary institutions, concealed carry, repeal

Dual credit scholarship, courses, addition

Funding floor definition, revision

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

KCTCS, endowment match

Kentucky State University, West Louisville Health and Wellness Pilot Project

Kentucky State University, West Louisville Historically Black Colleges and Universities Pilot Projec

Kentucky tuition grant, eligible institution

Local air board, disposition of airport when all local governments withdraw

Local air board, succession of when members withdraw

Local Air Boards, technical correction

National Guard, call to active duty, permission to withdraw without penalty

Northern Kentucky University, denouncing graffiti

Open records, complaint to Attorney General, delay or extension of time

Open records custodian, e-mail address included

Postsecondary athletics, designation for eligibility based on biological sex, requirements

Postsecondary disciplinary proceedings, cross-examination, limitations on personal cross-examination

Postsecondary education performance fund, funding formula, revisions

Retirement, set alternate discount rate for university employers ceasing participation in KERS

Sanctuary postsecondary institution, determination of, hearing procedure

Sanctuary postsecondary institution, state funding, withholding of

Scholarship, coal-county paramedic scholarship

State university, appointments, local air board, when allowed

State university, participation in local air board, when allowed

State/Executive Branch Budget

Student athletes, name, image, and likeness, compensation

Student disciplinary proceedings, annual report

Student disciplinary proceedings, crime victims, rights

Student disciplinary proceedings, governing board, authority to designate

Student disciplinary proceedings, rights of student, minimum procedural requirements

Student disciplinary proceedings, rights of students

Student disciplinary proceedings, Title IX complaints, rights of students

Teacher preparation programs, competency demonstration option, requirement

Teacher preparation programs, early literacy instruction, teacher preparation test, requiring

Teacher preparation programs, EPSB approval

University of Kentucky, Kentucky Center for Cannabis Research, establishment

Veterans, academic credit for military training

Veterans, access to early course registration

West End Opportunity Partnership, board membership appointment

Work Ready Scholarship, dual credit courses, deletion

Work Ready Scholarship, rename Better Kentucky Promise Scholarship

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