House Bill 360

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Last Action 02/23/21: recommitted to Appropriations & Revenue (H)
Title AN ACT relating to businesses impacted by the COVID-19 response, making an appropriation therefor and declaring an emergency.
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Fiscal Impact Statements Fiscal Note
Local Mandate
Additional Fiscal Impact Statements Exist
Bill Request Number 1293
Sponsors L. Bechler, S. Baker, K. Bratcher, J. Bray, J. Calloway, M. Dossett, R. Dotson, J. Fischer, D. Fister, M. Hart, S. Maddox, F. Rabourn, S. Sheldon, N. Tate, W. Thomas
Summary of Original Version Direct that any individual or business penalized by business license restrictions or fines under the Governor's emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic shall have their license restored and fines refunded APPROPRIATION; EMERGENCY.
Index Headings of Original Version Governor - COVID-19 penalties, restoration
Legislative Research Commission - COVID-19 fines, refund
Licensing - Business licenses, restoration
Local Government - COVID-19 fines, refund
Small Business - COVID-19 fines, refund
State Agencies - COVID-19 fines, refund
Treasurer - COVID-19 fines, refund
Appropriations - COVID fines, refund
Effective Dates, Emergency - COVID-19 fines, refund
Local Mandate - COVID-19 fines, refund
Fiscal Note - COVID-19 funds, refund
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House Floor Amendment 1


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  • to Committee on Committees (H)
  • to Small Business & Information Technology (H)
  • posted in committee
  • reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Substitute
  • 2nd reading, to Rules
  • floor amendment (1) filed to Committee Substitute
  • recommitted to Appropriations & Revenue (H)

Proposed Amendments

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Amendment House Committee Substitute 1
Fiscal Impact Statements Fiscal Note to House Committee Substitute 1
Local Mandate to House Committee Substitute 1
Summary Retain original provisions; extend notwithstanding to administrative regulations, local ordinances, or other government directives.
Index Headings Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Penalties for violating COVID-19 rules, notwithstand
Cities - Ordinances penalizing businesses violating COVID-19 orders, notwithstand
Counties - Ordinances penalizing businesses violating COVID-19 orders, notwithstand
Local Government - Ordinances penalizing businesses violating COVID-19 orders, notwithstand
Occupations and Professions - Penalized for COVID-19 orders, restore licenses
Small Business - Penalized for COVID-19 orders, refund fines
Fiscal Note - Ordinances penalizing businesses violating COVID-19 orders

Amendment House Floor Amendment 1
Sponsor L. Bechler
Summary Retain original provisions; amend Section 1 to include professional or other permits or certifications; require dismissal of pending actions or charges; require expungement of enforcement actions or charges; prohibit actions or fines after the effective date of this Act; permit aggrieved party to seek injunctive relief in the circuit court of the county where the business is located or the individual resides.
Index Headings Courts, Circuit - County of residence, action
Licensing - Prohibited actions against
Local Government - Records expungement
Small Business - Penalty dismissal

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