Constitution, Ky.

Amendment, abortion, no protected right

Automatic restoration of voting rights and civil rights, requirements

Ballot initiatives, establishment of right of the people to propose

Casino gaming, amendment, authorization

Casinos and gaming at horse racing tracks, constitutional amendment to let county voters decide

Elected officials, recall election

Executive orders, President of the United States, violation of rights

Exercise of constitutional rights, dismissal of legal actions against

Firearms, federal laws and rules, invalidation

Gaming, authorization of, proposed amendment

General Assembly, acts, when take effect

General Assembly, additional legislative days, provision

General Assembly, elimination of existing dates for adjournment

General Assembly, extended session

General Assembly, terms of members

General Assembly, terms of members, limiting

General Assembly, terms of Representatives, extend to four years

General Assembly, time and place of meetings, proposed amendment

Justices and Judges of Court of Justice, elections, partisan basis

Justices of Supreme Court and Judges of Court of Appeals, elections on partisan basis

Pardons and commutations, governor's ability, limitation on

Persons prohibited from voting, amendment proposal

Property tax, homestead exemption, owners who are 65 or older, proposed constitutional amendment

Proposed amendment, no excuse early voting

Proposed amendment, persons prohibited from voting, contemporary language

Recording or photographing peace officers, not unlawful, affirmation of Section 1 and Section 8

Recovery for injuries or death, limitation proposing amendment

Religious freedom, affirming support

Right to a clean environment with preservation of natural resources, proposed amendment

Right to bear arms, protection

Speech and expression, social media, cause of action for censorship

Speech and expression, social media, cause of action for censorship, creation

Speech and expression, social media, create cause of action for censorship

Time served while in public office, durational limits, amendment proposal

Voting rights, extension to 16- and 17- year-olds, school board and local elections

Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment to provide

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