County Clerks

Absentee voter assistance, persons qualified who may assist

Absentee voting assistance, qualified persons, definition and designation

Absentee voting, change to basis, add convenience of the voter

Air Medal license plate, establishment

Automatic voter registration, information from circuit clerks and state agencies

Ballot access, persons prohibited from voting, constitutional amendment proposal

Ballot access, proposed constitutional amendment, gaming

Ballot access, proposed constitutional amendment, no excuse early voting

Ballot access, proposed constitutional amendment, persons prohibited from voting

Ballots, mail-in absentee, requirements for use of secure ballot drop box for returning

Ballots, mail-in absentee, time for processing, curing deficiencies

Ballots, straight party option, removal

Bronze Star Medal license plate, eligibility criteria

Change in filing deadline for certain candidates

Constables and deputy constables, mandatory training requirement, notice to association

Constitutional amendment, felon restoration of voting rights, ballot access

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, time and place of meetings, ballot access

Cosmetic damage title, establishment

County boards of election, nomination of members

County boards of elections, terms of members

County Clerk Office Modernization Task Force, creation

Distinguished Flying Cross license plate, establishment

Early voting and voting hours extended

Elections, automatic recount, certain candidates, requirements prescribed

Elections, candidates for Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, partisan nomination, providing

Elections of, automatic recount in

Elections, United States Senator, vacancy, procedure to fill

Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, highway usage fee

Electric vehicles, highway usage fee

Extension of time for voting on election day, 7 p.m.

Fee charged for motor vehicle registration, increase

Fees, various documents, recording of

Heir property research fund, fee increase

Highway preservation fee, collection

In-person absentee voting, any qualified voter

In-person absentee voting, any qualified voter, days and hours prescribed

In-person absentee voting, extension of time, two Saturdays preceding

In-person absentee voting, increase in the number of days permitting

Mail-in absentee ballot, add desire of voter as basis to request

Mail-in absentee ballot secure online portal, time of opening

Mail-in absentee ballots, drop boxes for return, online portal for requests, and curing of signature

Mail-in absentee ballots, option for voter to use secure online portal to request

Mail-in absentee ballots, procedure for return by voter to vote in-person

Mail-in absentee ballots, use of Intelligent Mail barcodes as a tracking option

Motor vehicle title, delinquent ad valorem tax, issuance exemption

Municipal annexation, filing requirements

Omnibus election bill

Petition requirement, consolidation of precincts, submission to State Board of Elections, approval

Polling locations and election officials, parameters for consolidation

POW/MIA Awareness license plate, establishment

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a clean natural environment, with preservation

Recall election, constitutional amendment

Recorded instruments, county clerk fees or function, review

Recorded instruments, electronic filing and searching

Repossession title, delinquent ad valorem tax, issuance exemption

Residence for purposes of voting, persons who are homeless, establishment

Runoff primary, slates of candidates, establishment

Special election, office of United States Senator

Special license plates, fees

Special military license plates, proof of eligibility requirements

Tax recall petition, signatures required, number of

Title lien statements and terminations, filing procedures

Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act of 1994, clarification of, operator contact list

Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act of 1994, operator contact list

Vehicle license plates, requirements for

Vehicle registration fees, increase

Voter assistance, persons eligible to assist

Voter transportation to the polls, persons eligible, requirements prescribed

Voting centers, minimum of one, 75,000 voters per county

Voting equipment and voting systems, definition

Voting equipment replacement, paper ballots, requirements

Voting rights, extension to 16- and 17-year-olds, school board and local elections

Voting system, Internet, connection or ability to connect prohibition

Voting system, Internet, connection prohibited

Voting system, no wireless connection, inability to comply, permit if certified by Board of Election

Voting systems, requirements and implementation

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