Criminal Procedure

Abortion statutes, enforcement

Abortion, upon a minor

Animal abuse, first degree, second degree, aggravated

Attorney General, authority, initiate or intervene in additional actions

Body-worn cameras, requirements

Born-alive infants, protection of

Burden of proof, warrants

Capital offense, executions, mental illness

Capital offense, mental illness, deadlines for motions

Carotid restraint, use during course of employment

Certificate of employability false representation, Class B misdemeanor

Child pornography, under 12 years old, raising penalty for

Children age 12 and younger, referral to family accountability, intervention, and response team

Crime victims, notification of parole hearings

Criminal defense, indigent clients, representation by counsel

Criminal mischief, specific inclusion of damage to residential rental property under

Death penalty, replacement of with life imprisonment without parole

Duty to intervene, Class A misdemeanor

EOA program, education service provider approval process, background check requirement

Expungement, fees on finding of indigence, waiver of

False reporting of an incident, claims of domestic violence and sexual assault

Firearms, comprehensive regulation

Firearms, federal prohibitions, invalidation

Firearms regulation

Firearms, transfer or receipt, creation of penalties

Flagrant nonsupport, arrearage amount, increase

General Assembly, challenge to constitutionality or validity, intervention

Hate crime, enhanced term of imprisonment

Include gender-neutral language

Involuntary commitment, incompetent to stand trial, certain felonies

Justification in law enforcement, use of nonlethal weapons

No-knock warrants; allow for Class B and Class C felonies in KRS Chapter 218A

No-knock warrants; restrictions on; modify

No-knock warrants, restrictions on, modify

Offenses for which no-knock warrant permissible, add

Offenses for which no-knock warrant permissible; limit

Peace officers, sex with person in custody or under arrest, prohibition

Penalty enhancements, violations of offenses during a riot

Post incarceration licensure, EMT and paramedic

Pretrial diversion, conditions of diversion, possession of firearms

Pretrial diversion, suspended acceptance of a plea

Pretrial release; conditions of

Pretrial release within 12 hours, prohibition for persons charged with certain offenses

Pretrial release within 12 hours, prohibiton for persons charged with certain offenses

Probation and parole, virtual reporting

Probation, revocation, graduated sanctions, consideration required

Racial and ethnic community criminal justice and public safety impact statement

Release, when speedy trial provisions not satisfied

Remote appearance, specified proceedings, provide

Remote or virtual appearance, specified proceedings, provide

Report required, charges or convictions relating to gang activity

Riot, penalty enhancement, early release

Rule of evidence, proposal

Search warrants, authorizing entry without notice, limitations

Search warrants, execution of, notice required before entering premises

Sex offenders, senior citizen center, prohibition against

Sexual offenses, procuring minors through communications systems

Solitary confinement of juveniles, limitations on

Sports officials, intimidation, creation of offense

Theft and fraud crimes, felony threshold for, increase

Torture of dog or cat, penalty increase

Trespass, use of purple paint marks to provide notice

Unlawful camping, state property

Unlawful enforcement, Class A misdemeanor

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition

Warrants, authorizing entry without notice, prohibit

Youthful offender referral process, limitations on

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