General Assembly

2021 Regular Session, Capitol and Capitol Annex, masks, requirement

Acts, when take effect

Adjournment, 2021 Session until February 2, 2021

Adjournment, 2021 Session until February 5, 2021

Adjournment, 2021 Session until March 29, 2021

Adjournment, sine die

Administrative regulations, review of

Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Advisory Council, annual report, requirement

America's Legislators Back to School Program, third week in September

Capitol campus, security briefing, state police to give

Casino gaming, constitutional amendment, authority to establish

Casinos and gaming at horse racing tracks, constitutional amendment to let county voters decide

Commission on legislative and congressional redistricting, plan proposal, consideration of

Committees, subpoenas, issuing

Compensation, veto days, adjustment

Confidential record, Legislative Research Commission, prohibit disclosure

Congressional action, unemployment insurance loan

Constitutional amendment, ballot initiatives, establishment of right of the people to propose

Constitutional amendment, time and place of meetings

Constitutionality or validity, challenge, right to intervene

County Attorney traffic safety programs, Program Review study

Date for adjournment, elimination of existing dates

Deadline for filing, changes to

Effective deficient administrative regulation, nullification

Emergencies, declaration by governor, extension, approval

Emergencies, declaration by governor, extension of, approval of

Emergencies, executive orders, rights

Emergencies, extension of emergecy period, approval of

Emergency administrative regulations, review

Emergency authority, extension

Emergency, essential services, designation

Emergency executive orders, days in effect, General Assembly approval required

Emergency, Governor's declaration of, extraordinary session required with

Emergency orders, approval or extension of

Emergency orders, governor, intent of legislature

Emergency orders, more than 28 day limitation, approval of

Epidemics, 30 day limitation on orders, General Assembly may extend

Extended session, requirements

Health disparity impact, review

House of Representatives, membership

House of Representatives, resolutions and citations to include "in the Year of our Lord"

House of Representatives, Rules, adoption of

House of Representatives, Rules, amendment to

Impeachment investigation, costs to the petitioner

Impeachment investigations, costs to the petitioner

Impeachment of an officer, House of Representatives, filing

Infant Mortality Task Force, establish

Kentucky deferred compensation, auto enrollment

Kentucky deferred compensation, financial planning

Kentucky Preschool Task Force, creation of

Legislative Branch Budget

Legislative committee review of administrative regulations, processes for

Legislative committees, names correction

Legislative days, additional, provision

Legislative Ethics Commission, complaints, findings for

Legislative Oversight and Investigation Committee, duties

Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee, duties

Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee, minority party, representation

Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee, open records, retain

Member, corruption, increase in fine

Members, contest proceedings, provisions relating to

Members, election of, automatic recount in

Members, nonpartisan elections

Oaths, committees, witnesses, taking of

Open Records Act, exemption from select provisions

Open Records Act, public records, subject

Principal for a Day Program, encourage member participation

Public Records, request pertaining to member, require notice

Public Water and Wastewater System Infrastructure Task Force, reestablishment

Race and Access Opportunity Committee, creation

Racial and ethnic community criminal justice and public safety impact statement

Recall election, constitutional amendment

Red flag legislation, opposition

Redistricting, public input, encouragement

Report to, charges or convictions relating to gang activity

Retirement bills, additional requirements for actuarial analysis

Retirement, closure of LRP to new members, transfer requirement of cash balance members to KERS

School Funding Task Force, deletion

School Funding Task Force, establishment

Security, members, on and off-site

Senate, membership

Senate, pastors, invitation

Senate, Rules, adoption of

Sessions, Joint Proclamation, establishment of parameters

Tax expenditures and incentives claimed, recommendations for effectiveness of

Terms of members, extension and limit, constitutional amendment

Terms of members, limit

Terms of members, limitation on service

Terms of Representatives, extend to four years

Transportation funding legislation, support

Witness, disobedient, increase in fine

Workgroup, women and mothers in the labor force

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