Local Government

Cities, municipal annexation, filing requirements

Cities, municipal utilities, commission members

Consolidated emergency services district, participation in

Constables and deputies, powers of and appointment of deputies

Constables and deputy constables, training requirement, emergency vehicles and equipment

Construction plans, educational facilities, local options for review

Counties, county clerks, municipal annexation filings

County without public administrator and guardian, no personal representative, estate administrator

Dedication of resources to preserve monuments, edifices, graves, and lands from damage

Dog safety and welfare, enactment and enforcement action

Emergencies, religious organizations, discrimination prohibited

Emergencies, religious organizations, discrimination, remedies

Emergencies, request to Governor, effective time period

Emergencies, written orders and administrative regulations, enforcement

Emergency orders, limitations on

Emergency orders, more than 28 day limitation, approval by legislative body

Firearms, comprehensive regulation

Firefighters, Firefighters Foundation Program Fund, mental health training and treatment

Game meat, distribution to cooperative extension agencies, government and nonprofits, purposes

Honor and Remember flag, emblem of remembrance, designation of

In-person meeting or function, limitation

Interference with utility service use, local governments, prohibition

Labor organizations, require membership as a condition of employment, allow agreement

Local air board, disposition of airport when all local governments withdraw

Local regulation of tobacco or vapor products, permitting

Minimum wage, authority to establish

Off-highway vehicles, operation of, on county roadways specified by local government

Open dumping, local government, imposition of civil fine by

Operations during COVID-19 emergency, in person

Public Bank Task Force, creation

Regulatory licensing fee, time to enact

Special districts, local air board, disposition of airport when all local governments withdraw

Special districts, local air boards, appointments to by state university, when allowed

State/Executive Branch Budget

Veterans Day, designation as school holiday, requirement

Voting hours, extension

Waste disposal facility, notice of intent, licensing by county fiscal court

Water district or water association, late payment charge, imposition

Water fluoridation programs, implementation of, authority of local government to void

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