Auditor, Auditor of Public Accounts Executive Order 2020-01, confirmation

Department of Insurance, reorganization

Department of Military Affairs, Executive Order 2020-1035

Department of Workforce Investment, Division of Technical Assistance, Executive Order 2020-529

Education Professional Standards Board, Executive Order 2020-1033

Executive Order 2020-610, confirmation, deletion

Finance and Administration Cabinet, Division of Geographic Information Systems, duties

Finance and Administration Cabinet, Executive Order 2020-0994

Governor's Office of Agricultural Policy, Department of Agriculture, transfer

Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, Executive Order 2020-561

Kentucky Board of Education, Executive Order 2020-610

Kentucky Board of Education, prohibit

Kentucky Department of Education, Executive Order 2020-590

Kentucky Department of Veterans' Affairs, Executive Order 2020-823

Kentucky Educational Television Authority, Executive Order 2020-1042

Motorcycle Safety Education Commissions and program

Public Protection Cabinet, Executive Orders 2020-821 and 2020-1028

Secretary of State's office, Executive Order 2020-02

Temporary, authority of elected state executive officers to issue, removal

Temporary executive orders, technical correction

Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, Executive Order 2020-993

Transportation Cabinet, Executive Order 2020-1027

Unemployment Insurance, reorganization of Office and Commission into Labor Cabinet

Last updated: 11/9/2023 2:52 PM (EST)