Bill Request 157

Title AN ACT relating to election districts and making an appropriation therefor.
Bill Documents Original
Sponsors B. Wheatley, A. Scott
Summary of Original Version Create new sections of KRS Chapter 5 to establish the Advisory Redistricting Commission, which shall be composed of members appointed by the General Assembly and members of the public at large; define terms; establish commissioner pay, conditions, powers, and duties; provide that commissioners' terms correlate with obligations of each census cycle; establish the conditions, powers, and duties of the commission; require the commission to draft redistricting plans for legislative and congressional districts, with parameters prescribed; establish standards to be followed by the commission for commissioners who develop plans; require the commission to submit its redistricting plans to the Legislative Research Commission; require the General Assembly to consider the commission's plans; allow the General Assembly to enact or reject the plans of the commission by a date certain or to return to the commission for adjustment; provide that if the General Assembly does not enact the plans, the plans shall be returned to the commission, which may incorporate changes requested by the General Assembly, but shall not be required to incorporate changes; require the commission to submit to the General Assembly new redistricting plans for enactment at a date certain; allow General Assembly to enact its own redistricting plans after a date certain; provide for penalties and fine upon conviction of persons attempting to influence, or commissioners accepting influence, per the duties of the commission; include severability clause and delay clause; amend KRS 5.005 to remove the Secretary of State being named as a defendant in any action challenging the constitutionality of any legislative district and replace with the Advisory Redistricting Commission being named the defendant; provide that the Act may be cited as the "Fair Maps Act."
Index Headings Crimes and Punishments - Commission on redistricting, prohibition on influence or accepting of influence, penalty for
Elections and Voting - Commission on legislative and congressional redistricting, establishment of
General Assembly - Commission on legislative and congressional redistricting, plan proposal, consideration of
Legislative Research Commission - Commission on redistricting, expenditure of funds certain, receipt of plans, obligations relating
Redistricting - Commission on legislative and congressional, drawing of districts, establishment of
Secretary of State - Convene commission on redistricting, furnish applications to public, selection, vacancy appointment
Congressional Districts - Commission on redistricting, establishment of
Short Titles and Popular Names - Fair Maps Act
Public Meetings - Congressional and legislative redistricting, plan proposals, discussion and input
Advisory Boards, Commissions, and Committees - Legislative and congressional redistricting, establishment of


08/19/20 Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

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