Senate Bill 253

Last Action 02/22/21: to State & Local Government (S)
Title AN ACT relating to the provision for and control of casino gaming and making an appropriation therefor.
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Local Mandate
Bill Request Number 1563
Sponsor M. Nemes
Summary of Original Version Establish KRS Chapter 239 and create new sections to define "authorizing county or counties," "casino," "commission," "county legislative body," "department," "electronic gaming device," "full casino," "gross gaming revenue," "handle," "licensee," and "limited casino"; create the Kentucky Gaming Commission, assign powers and duties to the commission; establish executive director position; make commission, the executive director, and employees subject to executive branch code of ethics; require county election to authorize licensing of casino within county; require sheriff to advertise local option election for gaming; provide for procedures on local option elections for gaming not held on primary and regular election days; require the county board of elections to certify the results; establish commission as agency to solicit bids for casino gaming licenses and provide criteria for advertising the bid; establish procedure for evaluating bids for full casinos; provide bidding rights for racing associations; specify licensing requirements for full casinos, manufacturers, and suppliers; prohibit selling, leasing, or otherwise furnishing gaming supplies without a license; provide the option of limited casinos for racing associations; specify licensing requirements for limited casinos; prohibit any one under 21 years of age from placing a wager at a casino or being permitted access to a casino; provide for occupational licenses; grant the commission authority to initiate disciplinary action; provide grievance procedure; exempt licensed gaming devices from federal restrictions; grant the commission the authority to define and limit permissible games; provide for the exclusion of certain persons from casinos; require the commission to develop programs for education and treatment of problem gamblers; define "cheat" and provide penalties for cheating; amend KRS 15.380 to establish gaming commission employees as peace officers; create a new section of KRS Chapter 138 to establish a wagering and an admissions tax; amend KRS 243.500 to exempt licensed casino gaming; amend KRS 372.005 to include KRS Chapter 239; amend KRS 525.090 to exempt casino gaming; amend KRS 528.010 to gaming licensed under KRS Chapter 239; amend KRS 528.020 to exempt gambling devices operated under KRS Chapter 239; amend KRS 528.070 to exempt licensed gambling activity; amend KRS 528.080 to exempt those with a license issued under KRS Chapter 239; amend KRS Chapter 528.100 to exempt authorized casino gaming.
Index Headings of Original Version Crimes and Punishments - "Cheat" in casino gaming, definition and penalties
Elections and Voting - Local option election for casino gaming
Gambling - Casino gaming, provisions for
Licensing - Casino occupations, licensing of
Licensing - Full and limited casino gaming, licensing of
Licensing - Gaming suppliers and manufacturers, licensing of
Racing - Racing associations, limited casino licensing of
Sheriffs - Local option elections for gaming, advertising of
Taxation - Casino admissions, taxation of
Taxation - Gross gaming revenue, taxation of
Consolidated Local Governments - Local option election for casino gaming
Unified Local Governments - Local option election for casino gaming
Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Casino gaming
Amusements and Recreation - Casino gaming, provisions for
Appropriations - Share of casino admissions tax to county
Counties - Local option election for casino gaming
Counties, Urban - Local option election for casino gaming
Local Mandate - Casino gambling, provisions for
Corrections Impact - Casino gambling, provisions for


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