Elections and Voting

Absentee, change to qualification, add convenience of the voter

Absentee voter assistance, persons qualified who may assist

Absentee voting assistance, qualified persons, definition and designation

Any payment for transportation of voter to the polls; prohibition

Automatic recount, certain candidates, requirements prescribed

Automatic recount, General Assembly, constitutional officers, Congress, election of

Automatic restoration of voting rights and civil rights, constitutional requirements

Ballot access, proposed constitutional amendment, gaming

Ballot access, proposed constitutional amendment, no excuse early voting

Ballots, mail-in absentee, requirements for use of secure ballot drop box for returning

Ballots, mail-in absentee, time for processing, curing definciencies

Ballots, straight party option, removal

Board members consolidated emergency services district, election

Board Members consolidated emergency services district, election of

Bona fide candidates, expansion of class of candidates that can be challenged

Campaign finance, all candidates, post-election filing requirement

Campaign finance, childcare and elder care expenses as allowable campaign expenditure

Campaign finance, childcare expenses as allowable campaign expenditure

Campaign finance, electronic filing requirement

Casino gaming, local option elections for

Casinos and gaming at horse racing tracks, constitutional amendment to let county voters decide

Change in filing deadline for certain candidates

Commission on legislative and congressional redistricting, establishment of

Congressional offices, special election, serve remainder of term

Consolidated local government, mayor, nonpartisan election

Consolidated local governments, mayoral term limits and election, voter approval

Constitution of Kentucky, pardons and commutations, governor's ability, limitation on

Constitutional amendment, ballot initiatives, establishment of right of the people to submit

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, time and place of meetings

County board of elections, terms of members

County boards of education, election division

County boards of elections, nomination of members

Court of Justice, partisan, statutory change upon ratification of constitutional amendment

Deadline for certain candidate filings, changes to

District board of education tax recall, signatures for petition

District board of education tax recall, signatures for petition, number of

Early voting and voting hours extended

Elected officials, constitutional amendment for recall election

Election day, emergency suspension or delay, change only by General Assembly

Election Integrity and Security Task Force, to study election issues and processes

Emergencies, executive order, changes to time and place only

Emergencies, executive orders, change to time and place only

Emergencies, executive orders, new voting date, 30-day limit inapplicable

Emergencies, executive orders, new voting date not affected by

Emergency, manner of voting, ability to declare by Governor, removal

Emergency, voting procedures, removal

Equipment and systems replacement, paper ballots, requirements

Extension of time for voting on election day, 7 p.m.

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

Filing deadline for statement-of-candidacy form, changes to

Free and fair elections, acknowledgement

General Assembly, nonpartisan elections.

General Assembly, terms of members, constitutional amendment

General Assembly, terms of members, limiting

General Assembly, terms of office

General Assembly, terms of Representatives, extend to four years

In-person absentee voting, any qualified voter

In-person absentee voting, any qualified voter, days and hours prescribed

In-person absentee voting, extension of time, two Saturdays preceding

In-person absentee voting, increase in the number of days permitting

Joseph R. Biden, the legal election as President of the United States, recognition of

Kamala Harris, legal election as Vice President of the United States, recognition of

Kentucky Elections Task Force, establishment

Local option election for casino gaming

Mail-in absentee ballot, add desire of voter as basis to request

Mail-in absentee ballot secure online portal, time of opening

Mail-in absentee ballots, drop boxes for return, online portal for requests, and curing of signature

Mail-in absentee ballots, option for voter to use secure online portal to request

Mail-in absentee ballots, procedure for return by voter to vote in-person

Mail-in absentee ballots, use of Intelligent Mail barcodes as a tracking option

Mayoral election, nonpartisan

Office of United States Senator, proclamation, issuance by Governor

Omnibus election bill

Paper ballots, pen marking, require

Partisan basis, election of Justices of Supreme Court and Judges of Court of Appeals

Partisan basis, Justices and Judges of Court of Justice, elections

Peaceful Transition of Presidential Power, affirmation of importance

Persons prohibited from voting, contemporary language, constitutional amendment proposal

Petition requirement, consolidation of precincts, submission to State Board of Elections, approval

Political yard signs, display on private property

Polling locations and election officials, parameters for consolidation

Presidential, congratulating Joe Biden

Primary, date of, emergency extension, related election dates extended

Primary, date of, emergency manner of voting, removal

Prohibit Governor from changing the manner of an election, emergency executive order

Prohibition of tax dollars, public question, district board of education, tax rate

Proposed constitutional amendment, persons prohibited from voting

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a clean natural environment, with preservation

Ranked-choice, certain candidates for elected office

Residence for purposes of voting, persons who are homeless, establishment

Runoff primary, slates of candidates, establishment

Special election, Congressional offices, serve remainder of term

Special election, office of United States Senator

State Board of Elections, precinct establishment orders, technical correction

State Police, political activities, participation permitted

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, partisan nomination of candidates, providing

Technical correction

Time served while in public office, durational limits, constitutional amendment proposal

United States Senator, unexpired term, procedure to fill vacancy

Voter assistance, persons eligible to assist

Voter registration, 14 day deadline

Voter registration, automatic, driver's license and other applications

Voter transportation to the polls, persons eligible, requirements prescribed

Voting centers, 75,000 voters, minimum of one

Voting centers, minimum of one, 75,000 voters per county

Voting hours, extension

Voting rights, extension to 16- and 17-year-olds, school board and local elections

Voting system, Internet, connection or ability to connect prohibition

Voting system, Internet, connection prohibited

Voting system, wireless connection, prohibited

Voting systems and equipment to produce paper audit trail, transition

Voting systems and voting equipment, requirements for certification

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