Actuarial Analysis

Board of emergency Medical Services, transfer from KCTCS, advisory committee

Board of Emergency Medical Services, transfer of responsibilities from KCTCS

Cost-of-living adjustment for Kentucky Employees Retirement System retirees

COVID-19, emergency executive orders, administrative regulations

Emergency Medical Services Task Force, creation

Emergency Medical Services, transfer of responsibilities

Fantasy contests, sports wagering, online poker

Gaming and wagering, omnibus bill

Gaming tax, funding from

Judicial Form Retirement System, actuarial funding policy

Kentucky Employees Retirement System, adjustments, 2021 RS HB 8 reporting requirements

Kentucky Employees Retirement System, liability based contribution disclosures

Kentucky Public Charter School Pilot Project

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, direct deposit

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, exempt overtime worked during locally declared emergencies

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, KRS and CERS, require reporting of division of costs to PPOB

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, recontribution of refund to determine participation date

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, Retirement, system audit

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, statement of facts

KERS and CERS, Tier 2 benefits for members in hazardous positions

KERS, CERS, and SPRS, increase in hazardous duty retiree health subsidy for certain members

KERS, CERS, and SPRS< increase in retiree health subsidy for certain members

Local board of education, school police officer, approval to enforce school code of conduct

Public charter shcools, funding, insurance, retirement, operations

Reemployment after retirement, restrictions on part-time adjunct instructors

Retirement, allow recontribution of refund to determine participation date for purposes of benefits

Retirement, direct deposit statute for Kentucky Public Pensions Authority

Retirement, Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, housekeeping bill

School district employees, retirement reemployment, provisions

School districts, remote instruction days

State administered retirement systems, economic assumptions, investigation, biennial

State governmental agencies, companies engaging in energy company boycott, divestment

State police, cost-of-living adjustment, pensions

State Police Retirement System, sick leave provisions for Tier III members

Teachers' Retirement System, repeal provisions of 2021 RS HB 258 relating to new teacher benefits

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