Civil Actions

Abortion, exempt rape and incest

Abortion, life or health of pregnant person

Abortion, pregnant person, Jewish faith

Abortion, upon a minor

Actions for forcible entry and detainer, expungement of records

Actions for forcible entry and detainer, sealing of records

Admissibility, school bus stop arm camera recorded images

Attorney General, violations, genetic information

Biometric identifiers, collection practices, civil penalty, Attorney General

Cause of action, false reporting, damages incurred

Cause of action, worngful conviction, recovery

Civil action by Attorney General, unlawful enforcement, federal firearm laws

Civil action, employee termination, employer COVID-19 vaccination policy

Civil penalty, failure to report

Court proceedings, foster parents, notice requirement

Covenant not to compete, civil action allowed

Domestic violence, conduct against domestic animals, inclusion

Emergency protective orders, domestic violence orders, minors as parties

Exercise of constitutional rights, dismissal of legal actions

Facial recognition technology, use

Forcible detainer, counsel, appointment

Fraudulent assisted reproduction

Fraudulent assisted reproduction, civil action

Gender-neutral language

General Assembly, intervention, time limit

General Assembly, right to intervene, constitutional or other challenge

Heir property, partition

Immunity, vehicle damage, removal of dog or cat in danger of death

Immunization requirements, exemptions damages for injury

Implantation of identification devices, cause of action

Inclement weather plan, civil penalty of employer

Interpersonal protective orders, minors as parties

Medical malpractice claims, reporting

Minors, settlement, $25,000 or less

Minors, settlements, $25,000 or less

Nonrecourse consumer legal funding, regulatory requirements

Private entity, biometric data, injury

Public and private employers, employer vaccination policy, employee cause of action

Public educational institutions, COVID-19, liability protection

Punitive damages, recovery

Recovery for injuries or death, limitations, proposing constitutional amendment

Redistricting, legislative district challenge, venue

School athletics, male student permitted to compete as female

School athletics, male student permitted to compete as female, civil liability of school

School athletics, male student permitted to compete as female, injunctive relief

School athletics, male student permitted to compete as female, removal of civil action

Seized animal cost-of-care petition

Settlement agreement, prohibition, nondisclosure clause, harassment

Statute of limitations, childhood sexual assault or abuse

Venue, redistricting, legislative district challenge

Violation of prohibited discriminatory actions, religious and moral convictions

Web ownership, deceptive advertising, musical performance, private and public action

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