Athletic event broadcast, rights

Beverage straws, Styrofoam, and plastic carryout bags, ban

Fresh produce, retail food stores, state of origin, season of harvest, sales

Home-based processor, food products, coffee, tea

Insurance and Related Innovation Sandbox Law

Name, image, and likeness agreement, institutional intellectual property, preference

Name, image, and likeness, participation by international student athletes, urging

Plastic convenience items, prohibition

Poultry, exemptions, farmers, sales, farmers markets, farm

Procurement contracts, responsibility of bidder, determination

Producers and retailers, packaging wastes, extended producer responsibility program

Student athlete, name, image, and likeness agreements

Subscription, cancellation policies

Thoroughbred breeding and racing, the Jockey Club, reporting

Vaccine passports, prohibition of requirement

Wine and distilled spirits sales, food retailers

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