Courts, Circuit

Abortion, exempt rape and incest

Abortion, life or health of pregnant person

Abortion, pregnant person, Jewish faith

Abortion-inducing drug violation, penalties

Adoption, addition of gender-neutral language

Assisted-living communities, injunctive relief, initiation

Bail, out-of-county warrants, requirements

Birth certificates, adoption, name requests

Citizen oversight and investigation, consolidated local government, police review

Civil action by Attorney General, unlawful enforcement, federal firearm laws

Counties, realignment

COVID-19 vaccination, child, consent, requirement

Criminal court costs, new ten dollar fee

Criminal procedure, remote or virtual appearance

Expungement, reduction of fees and waiting period

Facial recognition technology, use as evidence, prohibition

Fantasy contests, venue, statewide

Franklin Circuit Court, state agency regulations, contempt proceedings

Grandparents, visitation rights

Judges, division additions, various circuits

Judicial Branch Budget

Judicial Council, members, election

National Prescription Opiate Litigation, local government fee fund

Order for reimbursement of jail fees, conviction requirement

Orders of protection, lifetime, hearing

Parental rights, termination, neonatal abstinence syndrome

Pretrial release, prohibition of money bail

Public charter school closure, disposition of funds

Punitive damages, recovery

Remote or virtual appearance, civil actions, provision

Remote or virtual appearance, specified criminal proceedings, provision

Sentencing, probation with alternative sentence, primary custodian

Violation by cabinet, enforcement, biological or foster parent

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