Bill Request 1095

Title AN ACT relating to freedom of speech at public postsecondary education institutions.
Bill Documents Original
Sponsors S. Maddox, K. Banta
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 164.348 to define "institution," "public," and "staff"; require an institution to adopt a policy to not restrict off-campus speech; extend free speech protections to staff and the public; provide that student religious and political organizations shall be afforded equal access to facilities; provide that authority vested with a student organization to distribute student organization funding shall be contingent on viewpoint-neutral distribution of those funds; provide that there shall be no buffer zones to outdoor areas used as traditional public forums; reduce institution's authority to establish permit requirements; specify how an institution defines student-on-student harassment; waive immunity for claims brought under the Act; permit disciplinary action against a faculty member or administrator that knowingly and intentionally restricts the protected speech of another; suspend the distribution authority of a student organization that does not distribute student organization funding in accordance with the Act; prohibit retaliation against campus community members; require Council on Postsecondary Education to develop free speech instructional materials and model trainings for institutions; require institutions to present free speech instructional materials and trainings to designated individuals; require institutions to publish semiannual student organization funding reports; designate the required contents of the semiannual student organization funding report.
Index Headings Education, Higher - Campus free speech, required institution policies, reporting requirements
Universities and Colleges - Campus free speech, required institution policies, reporting requirements


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