Attorney, County

Annual settlement, Prosecutors Advisory Council, requirement

Auto recyclers, enforcement authority

Auto recyclers, standards

Certificate of delinquency, litigation fees

Civil cause of action, civil penalties, deceptive advertising, performance group

Consolidated local government, duties

COVID-19 vaccination, child, consent, requirement enforcement

Criminal procedure, remote or virtual appearance, provision

Criminal procedure, remote or virtual appearance, specified proceedings, provision

Department of Revenue, property tax, certificates of delinquency notices, font requirements

Fees, delinquent property taxes, collection enforcement

Fees, investment, authorization

Judicial Council, member, non-voting, ex officio

Judicial Council, member, non-voting, ex-officio

Juvenile Justice Oversight Council, member

KLEPF supplement for certain employees

Litigation fees, delinquent property tax, collection enforcement

Mass foreclosure process, delinquent property taxes

Motor vehicle insurance, lack of prosecution

Multilingual voter instruction cards, furnishment

Office, nonpartisan elected official

Patient agreed order, hearing date

Pilot program, alternative to ordinary prosecution, behavioral health disorder

Property tax, quarterly installment payment program

Property taxes, installment payment program

Prosecutors Advisory Council, appointments

State/Executive Branch Budget

Transfer of funds, end of term, requirements

Unauthorized practice of law, penalty enhancement

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