Education, Finance

AT&T John "Bam" Carney Scholarship recipients, honoring

Board of Emergency Medical Services, transfer of responsibilities from KCTCS

Building projects, financing

Collaborative Center for Literacy Development, contingent funding, KDE oversight

Department of Education, role in early literacy education, defining

Dual credit scholarship, courses, addition

Dual credit scholarship, rate ceiling, increase

Eastern Kentucky University, Center for the Arts, appropriation

Education opportunity account, qualifying expenses for nonpublic school for prekindergarten-grade 12

Facilities projects, cost projection, architect or engineer estimate

FAFSA completion, high school graduation, requirement

FAFSA information, high school, requirement

Financial aid, convicted felons, eligibility

Financial aid eligibility, felony convictions, prohibition

Financial aid eligibility, felony incarceration, prohibition

Financial aid, incarcerated felons, eligibility

Financial aid, incarcerated individuals, eligibility

Financial aid, incarcerated persons, eligibility

Financial exigency, Kentucky State University, declaration

General Assembly, page programs

General Assembly, page programs, student attendance

Healthcare worker loan forgiveness program, creation

KEES, dual credit course award, addition

KEES scholarship, out-of-state military students

KEES scholarship, out-of-state military students, eligibility

KEES scholarships, proprietary school students, reimbursement

KEES scholarships, proprietary schools, eligibility

KEES scholarships, qualified proprietary school program, eligibility

Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust, administration, State Treasurer

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship, convicted felon, eligibility

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship, convicted felon, scholarship eligibility

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship, NROTC programs, eligibility

Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation, insured student loan references, update

Kentucky Homeschool Scholar Program, creation

Kentucky Public Charter School Commission, restore

Kentucky State University, health sciences center, appropriation

Kentucky State University, performance funding

Kentucky State University, shortfall, appropriation

Kentucky State University, shortfall loan, repayment

KHEAA, Expedited teacher certification pathway loan forgiveness program, creation of

KHEAA, promise zone, teacher and administrator loan forgiveness program, creation of

KSU expenditures, approval, requirement

Lottery Trust Fund Task Force, creation

Offers of assistance

Offers of assistance, remove requirement

Preschool, four-year-olds, SEEK funding

Prohibited instruction, penalty for persistent violation, $5,000 per day

Public charter school application, local district impact statement, require

Public charter school application, memorandum of understanding requirement

Public charter school, enrollment financial incentives, forbid

Public charter school, enrollment, wait list

Public charter school, special education funding, dividing

Public charter schools, authorizer fee, establish

Public charter schools, conversion, revert

Public charter schools, education service providers, public listing

Public charter schools, food program, requirements

Public charter schools, funding

Public charter schools, local revenue, transfer

Public charter schools, nonprofit education service providers, require

Public charter schools, retirements system participation

Public charter schools, state health insurance, participation

Reading diagnostic and intervention grant, reading interventionist

Reading diagnostic and intervention grant, reading interventionist, expense authorization

Sanctuary postsecondary institution, state funding, withholding of

Scholarship program, coal-county paramedic

School Facilities Construction Commission appropriation, Rockcastle County

School Facilities Construction Commission, offers in assistance, Rockcastle County

School facilities construction, prior approval

School facilities, litigation, protect

School fiscal impact statement, legislation, requirement

School property purchase and disposal, prior approval

SEEK, kindergarten full-day

SEEK, kindergarten full-day funding

State/Executive Branch Budget

Student education loan servicers, regulatory requirements

Student education loan servicers, regulatory requirements, exemption

Student financial aid, incarceration restrictions, removal

Student loan servicing, requirements

Support Education Excellence in Kentucky fund, student population adjustments

Support Education Excellence in Kentucky program, average daily membership, transition

Teacher Recruitment Student Loan Forgiveness Program, creation

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, academic terms limit, deletion

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, eligibility, addition

Work Ready Scholarship, dual credit courses, deletion

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