Emergency Medical Services

Air ambulance memberships, disclosure, requirements

Air ambulance memberships, insurance

Air ambulance memberships, patient advocacy program, implementation

Assault on and obstruction, increased penalty

Board of Emergency Medical Services, transfer of responsibilities from KCTCS

Board, transfer of responsibilities to Cabinet for Health and Family Services

COVID-19, emergency actions, occupational exposure

Critical incident, 48 hours leave

Death benefits for emergency medical services personnel

Emergency Medical Services Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact

Fire district's, property owners, property taxation option

First Responder, Doctor, Nurse, and Health Care Professional Recognition Day, recognition of

First responder, emergency medical service personnel, designation

First responders, personally identifiable information, Open Records exemption

Health care providers, appropriation of funds, emergency provisions

Healthcare charges, itemized statement, requirements

Heart attack response and treatment, protocols

Intentional unauthorized capture of photographic or videographic images by a first responder

Licensure after incarceration

Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment form, advance directives, updates

Mental inquest warrants, transportation, authorization

Newborn safety device, permitting

Occupational license, initial and renewal fee, exemption for military spouses

Peer support counseling programs, operations and confidentiality

Peer support participants, privilege from disclosure

Reimbursement, expenses incurred due to response to false report

Task Force for Public Safety Peer Support Best Practices

Technical advisory committee, creation

Unauthorized capture of photographic or videographic images by a first responder

Workers' compensation, psychological injuries

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