Environment and Conservation

Abandoned storage tanks and orphan well reclamation, grammatical and technical corrections

Advanced nuclear energy, greenhouse gases, Legislative Research Commission, feasibility study

Advanced recycling and recovery technologies, definitions

Air pollution, standards, requirements, administrative regulations, EPA

Beverage container deposit fee program, establishment

Center for Applied Energy Research, coal-derived carbon, research, report

Clean Water Act, 404, 402, and 401 permits, assumption, online processing

Climate change, Green New Deal

Compensatory mitigation, definitional changes, request for proposal detail

Compensatory mitigation, eminent domain, severance

Compensatory mitigation, projects and credits, acquisition and procurement

Dams, floodplain management, construction, permits, administrative regulations

Decontamination measures, tax credit

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, compensatory mitigation, alternative procurement

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, conservation easements, eastern Kentucky, purchase

Division of Forestry, Federal grants, authority to employ additional persons

Electric grid reliability and resilience, notice before decommissioning or idling

Electric utilities, vegetation maintenance practices, standards

Energy and Environment Cabinet, merchant electric generating facilities, enforcement

Extended producer responsibility, solid waste management, program

Fish and wildlife conservation officers, payment from the Law Enforcement Foundation Program fund

Grammatical and technical corrections

Healthy Soils Program, Healthy Soils Program fund, Division of Conservation, establishment

Heavy or specialized conservation equipment, acquisition by commission, joint application

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, cities, funds in EMARS, holds released

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, city funds in Finance and Administration, audits

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, finance for non-capital expenses, maintenance public works

Lead testing, residential sale or lease property, requirements

Merchant electric generating facilities, industrial building defining, exclusion

Merchant electric generating facilities, siting

Merchant electric generating facilities, siting, decommissioning and bonding

Military and peace officer, hunter education course, live fire-exercise, exemption

Oil and gas lease avoidance, make gender-neutral

Oil and gas permit applicants, conference with KRS Chapter 350 permitees, gender-neutral language

Onshore and offshore federal oil and gas lease sales, urge Biden Administration to open

Orphan oil and gas wells, reclamation and remediation, funding, vendor contracts

Orphan oil wells and sites, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funds, uses and restrictions

Orphan wells, funding for, emergency regulations for contracting

PFAS chemical awareness, recognition

PFAS chemicals, drinking water and discharge limits, administrative regulation, establishment

Plastic convenience items, prohibition

Property tax, merchant electric generating facility, agricultural or horticultural land, exclusion

Proposed constitutional amendment, peoples right for health, cleanliness, and preservation

Publically owned wastewater treatment works, sewage sludge, biosolids, administrative regulations

Reclamation Guaranty Fund, coal mine permittees, appointments

Reformulated gasoline requirements, urging removal

Renewable portfolio requirement, solar energy, regulated utilities, requirements

Soil and water conservation, supervisor, age requirement

Soil and water conservation, supervisor age requirement, commission nominee

Solar merchant electric generating facilities, siting

State governmental agencies, companies engaging in energy company boycott, divestment

State/Executive Branch Budget

Trichloroethylene, prohibition, permitted air contaminant sources

Voluntary environmental remediation tax credit, expansion

Waste disposal facility, notice of intent, licensing by county fiscal court

Well plugging fund, oil and gas, grammatical and technical corrections

Well-managed forestlands, property tax assessment procedures, recommendations, report

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